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Attention: The Need for Making Education Relevant and Engaging

The solution to attention fatigue is to make classrooms more engaging and relevant for children. Innovative methods of teaching may improve participation of ..


For More Engaging Classrooms

In an era of falling attention span that may cause problems in focus and concentration of students, teachers should adopt new ways of engaging them in learning

Rajagiri Round Table Report

Attention! How to Navigate the Volatility of Information Age

Educators and researchers need to find out innovative ways to engage students in the classroom with falling attention span. Relevant, interesting content may be


Your Attention Please! Training for Concentration and Focus

Researchers say stress, loss of interest, low performance, lethargy, low productivity, are some of the adverse effects of reduction in attention span in humans


How Does Our Brain Cells Regulate Attention Span

Two neuro transmitters in the brain through a co-ordinated sequence of opposing actions regulate a micro-circuit in the brain free from noise and focus on tasks


Goal Setting Helps Improve Attention, Feedback is also Important

A research study has shown that goal setting with feedback on performance improves attention span and motivation to complete a task. Incentives may not work.


Appropriate Learning Styles of the Information Age

Students must develop a mindset and skill set conducive for lifelong learning. They must equip themselves to gather information from all sources without bias

Edu Solutions

Five Minutes of Mindfulness Boost Reading Performance

The researchers note that mindfulness practices can also help with attention regulation and stress reduction. The focus of the study was on academic skill..

Pallikkutam Global Connect

Back to Basics: How to Make Students Future-Ready

Holistic education encompasses attainment of knowledge and skills, socio emotional learning, physical and spiritual development of the individual for balanced..


School, College Students Learn How Cotton Absorbs Oil at Texas Tech

Students discussed about the sustainability of cotton and its application in environmental protection. They also did hands on experiments on oil absorbency


Learning from Calamities and Disasters

Natural calamities and disasters point to the need to have better planning and risk mitigation strategies. Communication, helpful attitude and kindness helps


Veranda-Illinois Institute of Tech offers tech-focussed Courses for Students

The collaboration offers K-12 dual credit programmes in IT for senior school students aiming to attain foundational knowledge and also useful for lifelong learn


Safe Travel for Girls in 8 Villages in Haryana

The bus service of Nissan caters to girls from eight villages in Haryana. It addresses the safety and financial challenges that the girls faced to go to school

Education & Policy Making

Students Cautioned Against Joining MPhil Courses by UGC

University Grants Commission had withdrawn recognition for MPhil Programmes in 2022 but some institutions were still seeking students for the programme in 2023


Low Cost Sensor to Detect Adulterated Fish

Commercial formalin sensors for fish are primarily expensive electrochemical-based or colorimetri-based. The new sensor is made using tin oxide-reduced graphen

Entrepreneurship Development

Making Ropes from Banana Waste

By utilizing banana ropes, women in local communities skilfully craft products such as mats, bags, and lampshades, contributing to both domestic markets and int

Higher Education

IIMB, IIT Madras Launch Free Courses in Strategic Management, Data Science and S

IIM Bangalore is offering over 35 courses for upskilling while IIT Madras is offering seven new online courses in Sports Science free of cost for participants

Technology & Society

How to Avoid Risks in Using Large Language Models in Science

To protect science and education from the spread of bad and biased information, clear expectations should be set around what LLMs can responsibly contribute


Creative and Collaborative Learning Through Padlet

Padlet provides a canvas for students to express their creativity in diverse ways- graphics, multimedia, audio-visual, help colloborate, share thoughts, ideas