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Venturous- Setting the Path for Productive Higher Education

Industry-Academia collaboration can ensure that students get to work on local projects. Internships, participation in hackathons and events will expose them to


Ushering in Entrepreneurial Education in India

The aspirational and motivational levels of students have to be improved. Multi-disciplinary learning focussed on skills development has to be implemented.

Round Table

Productive Learning: Ushering in Entrepreneurial Education

Students must develop skills and entrepreneurial mindset to face the uncertainties. Curriculum may be converted to work, transforming learning into activity.


Do Not Lose Hope, Building Resilience in a Competitive World

Challenges, failures and setbacks are inevitable in life as you trod on your path to success. Good times follow bad times, but hard work and persistence pays.


IITH Develops Hybrid GFRP as Alternative to Steel Reinforcement

IIT Hyderabad has developed hybrid GFRP bars & discrete fibre-based reinforming solutions as a replacement to corrosive steel structures for buildings, bridges


Fitbit: Fighting Sedentarism Through Gamification

Fitbit uses typical gamification techniques to promote its wearable technology to promote a healthy lifestyle. There are challenges and competitions and rewards


Value Education Through Story Telling, Challenges and Activity

Creative use of story telling, challenges, activities and comprehension exercises can help children imbibe values, manners and etiquette, develop compassion

India News

India Govt Allocates Rs 100 cr for Introducing Vedas in Curriculum

According to Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Education, assimilating the knowledge, values and message of vedas can lead towards social justice in societ


Hand Holding the Adolescent in a Digital World

Why does my adolescent prefer the virtual world to satisfy his psycho-social needs? Should I keep away my child from digital devices or teach them to use it ..


Quizlet: Making Learning Personalised and Engaging

Flashcards, quizzes, games and other study materials help reinforce understanding of different subjects and topics making learning engaging and effective for..


Is Your Child Being Bullied or Just Teased?

Not able to properly define bullying can result in harmful behaviour not being reported at all. Technical bullying involves a degree of peer aggression.


Electoral Literacy to be Imparted to Students

Electoral literacy will be undertaken as extra-curricular activity in schools preparing voters for greater electoral participation to strengthen democracy


High Rainfall Helped Survival of Equatorial Rainforests

Historical analysis of climate data has found significantly high rainfall 50 million years ago which helped plant's water use efficiency and provided resilience


Anganwadis to Track Disabilities in Children

A special protocol has been launched for anganwadi workers to help detect disabilities in children. It will help them monitor growth of children and refer cases


Ukranian, One of the Widely Spoken Languages in the World

Cornell University began offering courses in Ukranian language and culture in 2022, shortly after the war began. The team has recorded 12 folk and popular songs


Meeting Food, Protein Shortage with Insect Based Food

Insects contain lots of animal protein and fats that are essential for human life. Insect based foods have been commercialised in Europe with bread & cookies

Healthy Living

Consistent Exercise Improves Athletic Performance, Reduce Injury

A new study by University of Manchester scientists suggest that there is a high probability human cartilage and intervertebral discs respond in a comparable way


UP Government Primary Schools to Go Smart

Sampark Foundation is leading an initiative to provide smart learning environment in primary schools in UP. The first school to benefit is in Bisrakh, Noida


Climate Change Impacts Child Education Globally

Today more than 224 million children have been impacted by climate change crisis. Droughts, floods, cyclones since 2020 have worsened the crisis in education.