Policy Indications: How Materials Science Helps Contain Contain Covid-19 Spread  |  National Edu News: IIT Hyderabad and PharmCADD signed a pact for the co-development of new drugs   |  Teacher Insights: Be Game  |  Health Monitor: Understanding ‘Haemorrhage'  |  National Edu News: Pallikkutam GlobalConnect#3 on 'Innovative Tools for Effective Teaching'  |  Expert Counsel: The Nine Dash Line  |  National Edu News: Astronomers Find One Group of Appearing and Disappearing Stars  |  Teacher Insights: Bird Book for Children to Love Nature  |  International Edu News: New Model to Fight Social Media Deep Fakes  |  Teacher Insights: Universal Lunch Makes Students Healthier  |  Teacher Insights: Physical Activity Boosts Self Regulation  |  Parent Interventions: Anti-Inflammatory Foods Reduce Blood Fats  |  Parent Interventions: New Technique to Treat ADHD  |  Parent Interventions: Reduce Lab Tests in NICU Patients  |  Parent Interventions: Switch Off  |  
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National Edu News
International Edu News
Products and Services
Rajagiri Round Table
  • 08-07-2021
    Emergence of Phygital Learning Spaces       
    Our schools were evolving from a black-board centric learning to 'Smar... Read More
  • 07-07-2021
    Phygital Schools: Mirror the World
    Alan Smithson in his popular TED X talk on the Marriage of Technology and Education said that our schools look the same as 100 years ago.  A popular Instagram post compares the analogue telephone... Read More
Health Matters
Health Monitor
  • 22-07-2021
    Understanding ‘Haemorrhage'               
    Nowadays it’s become common news that someone has collapsed and died... Read More
  • 30-06-2021
    Covid: Facemask Necessity Amidst Delta Varian...
    Double vaccination is shown to have efficacy against multiple variants, but in the case of unvaccinated people, countermeasures such as wearing face masks, hand hygiene are important.In a recent press... Read More
Personal Development
Image by Pete Linforth for Pixabay.com
  • 03-05-2020
    Covid-19 Pandemic: Time to Lockdown Your Anxi...
    DR ELSIE OOMMENAs we witness a new pandemic, the Covid-19. The tr... Read More
  • 17-02-2020
    Cool Down! Anger Under Control              
    Anger is a basic human emotion and natural adaptive response to frustrations, hurt, disappointment, threats etc. Anger varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. The in... Read More
Creative Living
Creative Living
  • 09-04-2021
    Breaking the Vicious Circle                 
    Humans are not always tolerant towards deviations from the accepted no... Read More
  • 17-03-2021
    Challenging Gender Boundaries               
    A vast majority of humans have clear gender definitions, supported by their physical, psychological and social environments. However, approximately 3% of the population is estimated to be on the bo... Read More
National Edu Policy
  • 24-07-2021
    With the inauguration of Olympic games in Tokyo amidst new normalcy, material scientists are enjoying their own virtual Olympiad for three days, staring today. Coimbatore, India-based Kumaraguru College of Technology is organizing a major virtual conference, “International Conference on Materials Research in Science ...


International Edu Policy
Career News
  • 07-04-2021
    ONPASSIVE, the global provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services, today launched its two new products O-Bless & O-Trim. O-Bless, a unique crowd funding platform and O-Trim is a URL trimming tool developed using latest technology. This is the second phase of product release since the last launc...


Federal Bank
Hidden Talents of Football...
In any team game there are the superstars who hog all the attention and the unsung members who really make the group tick. It’s always easy to focus Read More
The Unaccounted Consumption of Gold for Health...
Kerala is known since ancient times for its spices which brought traders from across the globe and riches to this tiny strip of land in south India. The medicinal, cosmetic and culinary value of spices were well known even in those times. Kerala is also known for its love for gold with gold jew Read More
For Earth to Become a Paradise...
The Brothers Karamazov is considered to be one of the greatest novels of all time. Written by Russian novelist Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (1821-18 Read More