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Rajagiri Round Table
  • 04-08-2020
    How to Develop Relationship Capital Through E...
    There is a popular phrase, "No man is an island". Man is a social... Read More
  • 04-08-2020
    Living in Harmony
    What could be several reasons for the drop in Relationship and Social Quotient among children? Are our children to be blamed for the lack of confidence, insecurity and emotional issues they fa... Read More
Health Matters
Health Monitor
  • 03-08-2020
    Motion Capture Technology to Predict Onset of...
    Motion capture technology may be good at distinguishing between healt... Read More
  • 28-07-2020
    India Sets up High Throughput Covid-19 Testi...
    India has set up high throughput Covid-19 testing facilities to strengthen early detection and treatment of the pandemic to control its spread. It was launched by Video conferencing by Prime Minist... Read More
Personal Development
Image by Pete Linforth for
  • 03-05-2020
    Covid-19 Pandemic: Time to Lockdown Your Anxi...
    DR ELSIE OOMMENAs we witness a new pandemic, the Covid-19. The tr... Read More
  • 17-02-2020
    Cool Down! Anger Under Control              
    Anger is a basic human emotion and natural adaptive response to frustrations, hurt, disappointment, threats etc. Anger varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. The in... Read More
Creative Living
Creative Living
  • 23-06-2020
    “Amazing Grace”, the First Debugger     
    There is an interesting story behind coinage of the word bug used to d... Read More
  • 12-05-2020
    The Lady with the Lamp                      
    "When all the medical officers have retired for the night and silence and darkness have settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, she may be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand, maki... Read More
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International Edu Policy
Image by Omni Matryx
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Gautam Adani
Federal Bank
Let's Football...
This is Football is an emotionally charged, six-episode documentary that explores football’s impact on the planet. Through a series of stories from Read More
Prefix New...
Not long ago many consumer products especially soaps, talcum powders, shaving creams, and several others were relaunched by companies with a standout Read More
The Bhishma Complex...
There are many major characters in the Indian epic Mahabharata. Among them is Bhishma who was originally known as Devavruta. Born as the son of King S Read More