Leadership Instincts: Need to Create Safe Homes and Safe Neighborhoods  |  Health Monitor: Ayurveda Medicines for Treating Lifestyle Diseases  |  Education Information: India sent Lakhs of Students to US in 2018-19, Second Largest after China  |  Policy Indications: National Policy on Biofuels  |  Technology Inceptions: Asus unveils dual-screen laptop series  |  Teacher Insights: Social hardship harms language skills  |  Science Innovations: Strong storms can generate quake-like seismic activity  |  Parent Interventions: Community care system benefits youth  |  National Edu News: Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research launched  |  Education Information: SCHOOL EDUCATION QUALITY INDEX  |  Health Monitor: ‘Health System for a New India: Building Blocks–—Potential Pathways to Reform’  |  Policy Indications: WCD Ministry to announce Bharatiya Poshan Krishi Kosh  |  Science Innovations: Dr. Harsh Vardhan calls for Developing Innovative Cooling Solutions  |  Policy Indications: Rashtrapati Bhavan to Host Conference of Directors of IITS,NITS and IIEST 19 Nov  |  Policy Indications: PM proposes first meeting of BRICS Water Ministers in India  |  
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Rajagiri Round Table
  • 07-11-2019
    Question of Leadership                      
    India was fortunate to have great leaders from ancient times.During f... Read More
  • 05-11-2019
    Come on, Play The Lead Role
    #Nature warriors wanted Read More
Health Matters
Health Monitor
  • 20-11-2019
    Ayurveda Medicines for Treating Lifestyle Dis...
    Ministry of AYUSH in collaboration with Ministry of Health & Fami... Read More
  • 16-11-2019
    ‘Health System for a New India: Building Bl...
    NITI Aayog will release “Health System for a New India: BuildingBlocks - Potential Pathways to Reform” Reporton 18 November 2019, a synthesis of all the discussions and efforts initiated at the ... Read More
Personal Development
  • 13-09-2019
    A Question of Life and Death                
    #Suicide and suicidal tendencies among students and youth Read More
  • 04-07-2019
    Teenage Love May be Driven by Desire, Infatua...
    #Teenage is a sensitive period for boys and girls as they undergo hormonal changes and most often what they think is love is just an infatuation, desire or lust Read More
Creative Living
James Clark Maxwell, who unlocked the secrets behind heat and light, was the first unifier of diverse scientific theories on the forces governing a variety of physical phenomena.
  • 05-11-2019
    A Seer with an Eagle Vision                 
    #Odyssey of JC Maxwell Read More
  • 04-10-2019
    Born to be a Unicorn: Saga of d’Alembert  
    #Jean-Baptiste le Rondd'Alembert was an orphaned child who grew up to carve a unique place in the history of Western mathematics and science. Read More
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Federal Bank
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Yoga Asanas To Be Recognised As Sport, May Be Included...
Yoga Asana may be recognised by India Government as a sport and in due course may be included as an event in Olympics by 2036 or 2040, according to Read More
Micro Magic...                                            
Micro credit, Poor Economics and the Nobel Prize Read More
Challenging Character...                                  
#Determination key to being good Read More