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  • 01-08-2017
    Let Spirit of Freedom Prevail
    26th Rajagiri Round Table which notified the topic for dis Read More
  • 01-08-2017
    Lets Keep Divisive Forces at Bay
    Tens of thousands of anxious citizens of Delhi had gathered outside the building where the first session of the Constituent Assembly was to take place. There was a festive atmosphere all around.&nbs Read More
Health Matters
  • 16-08-2017
    Good sleep is good for children
    Washington: Children who get more sleep are at lower risk of Read More
  • 16-08-2017
    An app to help manage mental illness
    New York: Researchers have developed a smartphone app to help middle-aged and older adults self-mana Read More
Personal Development
  • 01-08-2017
    The Burden of Learning
    Let’s ask ourselves what is burden? Well, the fact is that Read More
  • 01-07-2017
    Parents and Teachers Two Arms of Education
    It is tempting for parents to become adjuncts to schools. Th Read More
Creative Living
  • 01-08-2017
    Get Accustomed to the Fuzzy Logic of the East
    BLACK AND WHITE LOGIC OF THE WEST The Greek philosophe Read More
  • 01-07-2017
    Smash Your Assumptions as Sam Walton of WallMart Did
    ASSUMPTIONS OUGHT TO BE THERE! Prejudices or pre-conceive Read More
Edu Policy
  • 15-08-2017
    Govt nurturing youth to be job creators
    PM on Independence Day Speech
  • 14-07-2017
    Australia to give police access to encrypted data
    Sydney: The Australian governm
  • 17-08-2017
    By next year 30 lakh jobs in telecom sector
     New Delhi: A study revealed Thursday that by next year Indian telecommunications sector will create around 30 lakh jobs. 4G technology with an increase in data, entry of new players in the market, introduction of digital wallets and the popularity of smartphones leading to consistent increase in demand for technology are the possible reasons for
  • 03-08-2017
    Auditing and its scope Read More
  • 13-07-2017
    Students getting attracted to Economics Read More
  • 11-07-2017
    Robots set to displace millions of US Jobs Read More
  • 06-05-2017
    Kris still feels emotionally connected to Infosys
    Hyderabad: Kris Gopalakrishnan


CEO Talks
  • 01-05-2017
    Let Aspiration Touch the Sky
    V.K.Mathews stands tall in the
Federal Bank
“India Looks out for Own Michel Phelps”

Wilson Cherian is an international swimmer and an Arjuna Awardee from Kerala. In this conversation with Theresa Soni, Jerom John, Sharath Joseph, Cedrina Elizabeth Libiera, and Merissa of Rajagiri Christujayanthi Public School, Kochi, he talks about the strenuous pathways he strode to achieve this covetable position.Could you tell us something about yourself and your family?I’m working at present as an Assistant Sports Officer with the So Read More

Microsoft using AI to let gliders find their way

San Francisco: Microsoft is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower autonomous gliders take decisions while they are aloft and has conducted a successful flight test in the US state of Nevada.An Indian-origin Principal Researcher Ashish Kapoor at Microsoft, is leading a project in which his team tested two gliders designed to navigate the skies on their own. "Guided by computer algorithms that learned from onboard sensors, predicted air pa Read More

To Change the Face of the World

Once it was a mountain filled with all kinds of wild trees and shrubs. It was home to a variety of colorful birds as there were many fruit-bearing trees there. There were also harmless animals like deer which found pasture in the woods. But as years went by, people from the valley encroached on the mountain and felled trees for firewood as well as for other needs. Pretty soon, the mountain lost almost all of its trees and became a  Read More