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Achieving Synergism in Education and Policy Making

Synergy is important for success of democracy as listening to divergent views and evolving policies or solutions based with a holistic perception is essential.


Rajagiri Round Table: From Stakeholder Event to Synergistic Thinking Revolution

Rajagiri Round Table Conference began as a stakeholder meeting in 2015 but has evolved into a synergy discussion accommodating diverse views and perspectives


How to Empower Students to Solve Conflicts Peacefully

The article emphasizes the normalcy of conflicts in relationships and society, advocating for peaceful resolution. From Global Connect with Adv. Anil Xaviour.


Empowering Democracy Through Synergistic Thinking

Synergy is part of nature and it is countless synergistic relationships that helps attain natural equilibrium. Progress of democracy also requires synergy

Round Table

Synergistic Thinking for Productive Learning & Policy Making

The success of democracy dependson its ability to drive synergy discussions, in place of parallel discussions or debates. It could lead to better policy making


Stakeholder Involvement for Synergy in Schools

Synergistic learning helps students benefit from diverse perspectives, innovative teaching methods & supportive atmosphere that fosters a vibrant environment.


Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Many governments have realized the need to nurture multiple talents in their citizens and build an innovative ecosystem for startups & create more entrepreneurs


Children: Seek Not to Make Them Like You

Our children are a product of genetics as well as conditioning. A conditioned mind affects the freedom to think, develop new ideas and innovate & attain success


Enabling Enjoyable Early Learning for Literacy, Numeracy

Early learning lays the foundation for literacy & numeracy skills that has application throughout life. It helps in communication and logical thinking processes


Duolingo: Bridging Language Learning Gaps for Students Worldwide

Duolingo has made language learning easily accessible and uses gamification techniques to engage students. It provides personalised learning paths for students


Success with Online Gamification- M&M's Eye Spy Pretze

M&M used the eye spy game to promote their products online. It involved an image of M&M and one small pretzel users had to find. It increased brand engagement.


New Courses MBA in Finance, BCom in Finance & Accounting

The two integrated programmes by Logic School of Management and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham are intended to provide quality education in finance and accounting.


IInvenTiv Showcases 120 Ground Breaking Innovations

Among the advancements showcased include orthopaedic implants, lean burn micro-gas turbine, 3-D printed sustainable building, anti-hail gun among others.


Towards Sustainable Education Through Holistic Perception

Seven types of perceptions may help achieve the UN SDG goal of providing quality education at the same time. Sustainability is dependent on holistic approaches


Grading System for Higher Education Institutions to Go, Only Accreditation to be

The new system of classification of higher education is simpler-accredited and non-accredited. The institutions will be classified into 5 levels by December.


Synergistic Approaches and Outcome in Education and Policy Making

Synergistic thinking brings together diverse ideas, perspectives & greatly helps policy making through a holistic approach. Education becomes multi-disciplinary

India News

Prerana-An Experiential Learning Programme for Value Based Education

Prerana will be a week-long residential programme for Class IX to XII to provide inspirational and experiential learning in a Vernacular School in Gujarat


Digital Course Material in all Indian Languages in Three Years

Multilingualism adopted as per NEP 2020 provides more opportunities for students across the country to learn in their own language & improve learning outcomes.


Knowledge is Divine, A Temple for Book Workship in Kerala

There is no higher religion than knowledge and a temple for worshipping books has been set up in Kannur in North Kerala by an acadamecian. Offerings are books


India's First Girls Sainik School in Mathura

The first all-girls Sainik School is intended to empower girls with career choices in Armed Forces and providing quality education instilling courage, & skills


The Economics and Public Health Imperatives of Imposing Health Tax on Junk Food

Imposing additional tax on foods high in sugar, fat and salt can reduce incidence of non-communicable diseases thus reducing the stress on public health system.