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Products and Services

Rajagiri Pallikkutam, The Education Observer, is the most widely read education magazine in the country now available only in digital form on It covers the entire gamut of issues, challenges and opportunities in education sector for the benefit of stakeholders- parents, teachers, students, policy makers and educational leadership. It has articles, columns and analysis written by experts including academicians, researchers, psychologists, educationists, business leaders, students and others.

Single issue of Pallikuttam is priced at Rs 25 (Twenty five Indian Rupees). The publication is availabe for subscription on a monthly, annual and three-year basis:

Package Rate: 12 Months- Rs 250

                         Three Years-Rs 600

For bulk subscription enquiries: or 9497711010 or 0484-2973979

Pallikkutam Publications

Pallikkutam Publications, a division of Rajagiri Media publishes quality books on educational pedagogy, creativity, educational policy and related issues.

The books may be purchased individually or as combo packages announced from time to time.

1. Condemned To be Creative- Dr Varghese Panthalookaran, 2019:  Price -

2. Entrepreneurial Intellection-Shades of Black and White, 2022: Price-

3. Combo offers: Condemned to be Creative + Entrepreneurial Intellection- Price-

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