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Moving Towards Competency Based Assessments in School Education

Dr Hema Bhadawkar

Dr Hema Rajendra Bhadawkar is Assistant Professor at K J Somaiya College of Education, Mumbai. She has authored several research articles on education and has expertise in Assessment for Learning, Educational Technology, Educational Management, ICT in Education, Human Resource Management in Education, Pedagogy of History etc. She is a member of Board of Studies of Sophia College for women to prepare the syllabi for the various courses and suggest methodologies for innovative teaching. 

Competence Based Education (CBE) is an outcome-based approach to education wherein we ensure proficiency in learning by students through demonstration of the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required for dealing with real life situations at their age and grade appropriate level. CBE empowers learners and allows them to learn at their own pace. It is personalised, flexible and unique to each learning, helping them acquire skills for lifelong success. Now the paradigm is changing to co...

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