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Competence and Competition in Education

Identifying core competencies in students and providing space for its development is critical in school and college education to help in mindset development.


Forging Competence & Competitiveness: Revolutionizing India's Education

A harmonious balance between competence and competitiveness has to be adopted in education. Thinking skills, mindset development has to be given emphasis.

Competence Vs Competitiveness: How Shall the Education Landscape in India Emerge

If focus of education is mindset development, it helps students get prepared for uncertainties in career and life. Competence and competition will be blended.


Moving Towards Competency Based Assessments in School Education

Competency based education is outcome based enabling children learn to deal with real life situations at their age and grade appropriate level for life success.


Enablers for Students' Success

Students should not only excel in academics but also take part in outreach activities involving caring and giving in their community enabling holistic learning.


It’s a matter of the mind –EQ in Education

There are research findings that strongly correlate academic performance and EQ. Children with higher EQ is equipped to manage stress, conflicts constructively.


Promoting Engagement Through Gamification- The LinkedIn Way

LinkedIn gives importance to profile completion, engagement and content creation and sharing which is enabled through simple gamification & by user analytics.


Singapore-India Project for Enhancing Mathematics and Science Curriculum

Maths learning is not memorisation of facts but how students comprehend a problem and find solutions. Group learning enhances math, critical thinking skills..

India News

Academic Bank of Credit Becomes Popular Among Indian Students

The number of students opting for Academic Bank of Credit has increased to one crore. It helps in flexible and adaptative learning for students for advancement.


Origin of Pollination and Role of Insects

Various types of pollination by wind, insects and birds may have evolved over centuries. The scent, colours, shapes have become more attractive to insects


Bangalore Based Startup Launches AI Powered Personal Tutor

AI Powered tools help in personalised learning and a more inclusive learning experience for students. Classbots, & exambots address different needs of children.

India News

Indo-US Global Challenge Universities to be Set up

India-US initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET) launched recently is likely to usher in a new phase of partnership, collaboration in technology.


New Initiatives of IIT Hyderabad- strenghten NITs, work on autonomous navigation

IIT Hyderabad has announced 2 new initiatives in June- to strengthen NITs and colloborate with NATRAX on autonomous navigation testing facilities at TiHAN-IITH


Are there black holes 30 times the mass of our Sun?

Using open-source software, POSYDON, scientists have simulated the existence of massive merging binary blackhole systems that may exist in other galaxies


SPARK Programme for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs by IIT Delhi

FIIT-IIT Delhi's SPARK programme helps ear entrepreneurs to focus on knowledge and skills required to launch their ventures with a hands-on approach.


Will ChatGPT replace Teachers? A New US Survey has Some Surprises!

A new study done in USA has shown that student grades have improved with AI and ChatGPT allows for personalised learning at their own pace and available 24/7.


Impact of 5G on Healthcare, Emergency Medical Care, Patient Care in India

5G has the potential to transform healthcare in India as we face shortage of healthcare professionals & infrastructure. Access to healthcare can be improved..


Opportunity to Pursue MSc Engineering in Net Zero by Cardiff University

The Cardiff University PG programme helps students develop a creative & innovative approach to solve engineering challenges for developing a net zero society.


Global University Systems Launches Executive Education WILL

Work Integrated Learning for Leadership, an upskilling initiative to help the industry bridge the skill gap and build a pipeline of future ready work force.

Education Policy

UNESCO to Frame Policy Guidelines for AI in Education

The new policy guidelines of UNESCO are meant to develop guidelines for use of generative AI applications and also prevent its misuse in schools and colleges.


Jack Fruit Vegan Meat- Nutritious and Easy to Cook

Jackfruit is rich in carbohydrates, protein, sodium and an excellent meat substitute. India can leverage on its fruit diversity to make plant meat substitutes.


Touch and Sound: Developing Immersive Tactile Books for Blind Children

Tactile illustrations made in the form of 3D modules makes it easier for blind to navigate the object using index and middle fingers to visualise objects.