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Innovative Assessment to Promote 21st Century Skills in Children

Dinjanglu Pheiga Gangmei

Dinjanglu Pheiga Gangmei
Assistant Professor, St. Ann’s College of Education

She is completing her PhD from EFL University, Hyderabad, M.Ed., and M.A in Sociology from Osmania University, M.A in Psychology from IGNOU. She has 8 years of teaching experience.

Assessment is done in various forms in teaching and learning process, such as diagnostic, formative, and summative evaluations, and innovative multiple assessments where technology is integrated in assessing to enhance learning. The former one is done through right or wrong answers, MCQs and subjective answers while the latter is used in various methods of assessment aiming to capture the learning and enhance learning through assessment. 

Can the skills of 21st century framework given by Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21) be enhanced by integrating various assessment strategies? Here are some innovative assessment strategies to amplify the 21st century skills for tomorrow’s career.
Here are the strategies:

1. Instant Feedback.
a. Contextualize learning.
b. Affirm or correct learner’s input.
c. Motivates learner to learn.
d. Directed to learner autonomy.
e. Fosters critical thinking among the learners.

2. e-Portfolio 

(Reflect on and share their learning)

a. Develops critical thinking and creativity among the learners.
b. Enhances Communication skills.
c. Develops Self-regulation.
d. Develops growth mind-set

3.Check-in and Exit ticket (Checking for understanding).
Check-in test helps the learners to remember the previous knowledge whereas exit-ticket helps the learners to remember what they have learnt.

4.Integrating Technology Assessment

a. Enhances communication ability.
b. Enables divergent thinking.
c. Develops agility.
d. Encourages high-performance.


a.Collaborative Learning.
b.Enhances communication skills.
c.Fosters critical thinking.
d.Develops interpersonal skills

6. Writing Journals

a. Encourages self-confidence.
b. Inspires creativity

7. Rating Scale

a. Develops critical thinking.
b. Motivates self-regulation.
c. Enhances emotional intelligence

8. Group Feedback and Suggestions

a. Enhances communication ability

b. Develops divergent thinking

c. Develops agility

d. Fosters collaboration

e. Encourages high-performance 






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