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Value of Participatory Approach in Education

Irene Pereira

Assistant Professor, St. Ann’s College of Education (SACOE)

Ms Pereira’s qualifications include a M.Ed., from St. Ann’s College of Education, M.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Sunderland, UK, B.A. Honors in Economics from the University of Iowa, USA and postgraduate diploma in teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), UK. She also holds legal qualifications from the City University and BPP, UK. Having clocked 45 years of working experience: 30 in administration and management, 15 years as a Legal Consultant and assistant for international law firms and governmental organizations concentrating on dispute resolution, international war reparation claims, and assisting in the management of the world’s largest environmental rehabilitation program, she is currently actively engaged in the teaching profession.

Can participatory approach as touted by the Brooking Centre for Universal Education be the answer to all our educational woes? In a recent policy document published on the Brookings website by David Sengeh and Rebecca Winthrop covering an experiment initiated by the Brooking Institution in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Senegal, the results appear promising.  They proposed three broad steps to transform education.The first step is to develop a purpose of education shared by c...

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