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The ‘How’ of Assessment for Learning

Dinjanglu Pheiga Gangmei

Dinjanglu Pheiga Gangmei
Assistant Professor, St. Ann’s College of Education

She is completing her PhD from EFL University, Hyderabad, M.Ed., and M.A in Sociology from Osmania University, M.A in Psychology from IGNOU. She has 8 years of teaching experience.

Assessment helps a student achieve higher in education.  Assessment is of two types, assessment for learning (AFL) which is also called formative assessment, and assessment of learning which is also called summative assessment.  In AFL, it is the purpose of assessment, rather than the nature of it, that is important.  The ‘attribution theory’ holds that people explain their own successes and failures to themselves in different ways, thereby, self-assessment is very integral to...

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