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Should Robots Replace Teachers?

Robots may have instructional abilities but lack in emotional quotient. It can play complementary roles easing the burden of teachers, making learning joyful

Anubhav is a high school student who spends few hours in front of a screen, listening to lectures, watching educational videos, taking online tests, and connecting with his classmates and teachers. His parents are not sure if they should ignore this engagement or stop him from long online interactions. It makes it all the more difficult to take a stand as he is doing reasonably well at school. The indulgence of the youth with technology is a common scenario in many families.The field of educatio...

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Dear maam, Beautifully penned article ,where the importance of technology (robots)and we humans (tecahers) is explained so well. The pros and cons are so clearly mentioned and totally agree that robots are here to enhance and support us and nothing can replace the emotional connect that the humans show. Thank you for this insightful article maam.
Thank you, Ma'am, for the insightful article. Both the positive and negative aspects of this crucial subject are included in your post. Ma'am, you are a wonderful mentor and teacher. This article on Teacher's Day is appropriate.