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NEP Ready Smart Class Solution

Extramarks Education has launched Smart Class Plus, a comprehensive platform designed to transform traditional teaching and learning processes in classrooms and beyond. It is NEP ready and equipped with features such as power questions, game-based quizzes, interactive learning and self-study. 

Power Questions presents students with a series of questions on a particular concept, with each question having different variables also eliminates any cheating probabilities. Similarly, interactive learning through fun games and self-study with active learning ensures a better understanding of every concept rather than rote learning. The interconnected platform allows 24x7 access to in-class recordings for students to learn at their convenience.

 For educators, Smart Class Plus provides necessary tools to enhance their teaching experience. With top assessment features for conducting hassle-free tests, teachers can better identify the learning gaps of each of their students. The platform provides valuable analytics for each student, offering accurate learning recommendations. The robust admin dashboard enables smooth classroom management and provides comprehensive data insights.

Image: Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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