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Kulcha, Naan and Dal Makhini- the spicy, lentil dish to savour

Shristi Patani

Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes. She enjoys trying different types of Indian curries or writing about trending vintage aesthetic outfits. Formerly the Chief Content Officer at Raletta, she is currently working on her second cookbook. 

Daal Makhani is one fine lentil dish which is easily available in almost any Indian restaurant. This dish has almost become a traditional Indian Restaurant staple. People just love having a bowl of Daal Makhani along with some garlic naan. In fact, daal makhani is also popularly called “Maa ki Daal.” This delicacy typically has its origins in the Indian state of Punjab. Almost every Punjabi home can serve you this delicacy with an unbelievable amount of taste packed in it. This lentil dish h...

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