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In Celebration of the Enchanting Indian Monsoon

As the Monsoon spread across the country bringing hope and expectation of a bumper crop for farmers, CHATAK 2023-The Monsoon Show cooled the hearts of art lovers with images inspired by the rains. Mumbai-based aspiring artist Anushree S Jaiswal grew up in Mumbai watching the monsoon waters and this provided the inspiration for the show.

"Inspiration to an artist is sudden, spontaneous and often requires completely surrendering to the experiences and situations of the moment," says Anushree S. Jaiswal, an artist by both passion & profession who has traveled far and wide to visual inspiration in faraway landscapes to create spontaneous paintings.

She showcased two 2 genres, one in which she has used black pens- titled- CHATAK-Pen on Canvas & another one in which she has used Acrylic Colours which is titled-  Acrylic On Canvas.

"I have grown up in Mumbai, water and I share a very intimate relationship. I love the sound of rain and often spend hours just observing it. These 2 birds signify thirst, they only drink rainwater. It signifies their happiness when it rains" says Anushree who happens to be one of the lucky artists to be selected for the exhibition amongst many others.

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