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Hybrid Learning Assessment for Languages- New Strategies

Dr. T Diana Jacob

Dr T Diana Jacob is Associate Professor at St. Anns College of Education, Secunderabad. 

Covid created ripples world-wide impacting all wakes and spheres of life bringing the global community to a grinding halt with devastating effects in the educator sector.  Educators world-wide scrambled to get the system up and running, if not physical, then online or a hybrid model.  The article entitled ‘Adapting Language Tests to Hybrid Learning: EFL Teachers’ Challenges and their Practices reflects on customized assessments for hybrid approaches of teaching and learning.  For a teacher of English, her ELT classroom is a sacred laboratory to experiment with various teaching learning strategies as well as assessments of the four language skills namely listening, speaking, reading, writing.  The convenient mode was to either transact face-to-face or online, or through a hybrid mode.  This paradigm shift to a hybrid mode of learning and assessment in the recent times is gaining impetus, more so post pandemic.  While transitioning, from one mode to another, although it is a challenge for the language teacher, the benefits are enormous for both students and teachers alike.  The Pandemic has given the teaching learning process a new lease to education system, education need not come to a grinding halt, it can continue in the hybrid model.  The full article can be accessed using the link below.

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