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Easy Method to Curb Cybersickness

In a virtual reality environment, users may experience dizziness, nausea and headaches. This can be prevented by listening to music, according to a study by University of Edinburgh. The study was conducted among 39 people aged between 22 and 36. It was found that joyful music reduced the intensity of cybersickness. This conclusion was made after assessing participants memory skills reading speed and reaction times. The participants were immersed in roller coaster rides with and without music. After each ride, they were assessed for cybersickness symptoms. Eye tracking tests were also conducted to measure their reading speed and pupil size. Higher levels of gaming experiences were associated with lower cybersickness. 

Researchers say the findings show the potential of music in lessening cybersickness, understanding how gaming experience is linked to cybersickness levels, and the significant effects of cybersickness on thinking skills, reaction times, reading ability and pupil size.

The researchers built on components from several existing models and developed new machine-learning techniques to build an algorithm that allows desingers to experiment with various design attributes. 

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