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Coping with the Challenges of New Age Parenting

Parenting has become more challenging in a digital age as family structure and relationships keep changing. The old parenting styles may be reviewed and revised

In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world parents are grappling with challenges that never existed before. And new problems can't be dealt with old solutions. "For any examination, students have to undertake rigorous preparation, practice with mock question papers and do revisions. Imagine a situation where the students don't know what the syllabus is and what sort of questions to expect. People become parents by choice and are thrown at the deep end and figure out how to...

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Excellent points shared by the panel. Most parents can relate to the views . Thank you for sharing such critical insights which would help the new age parents as well as teaching fraternity. Engaging and good article. Thank you.