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Coping with the Challenges of New Age Parenting

Parenting has become more challenging in a digital age as family structure and relationships keep changing. The old parenting styles may be reviewed and revised


Parenting in a Brave New World

Parents play a vital role in shaping the personality of the child. According to behavioural scientists from birth to five years is the most important phase.

Where the Mind is Without Fear- Parenting Styles in a Brave New World

There should be multi-stake holder discussions involving parents, teachers, children, policy makers to equip parents to adapt to their role in the digital era


In Anticipation of a 'Chandrayaan Moment' in Indian Education

As India aspires to become an entrepreneurial nation, an entrepreneurial pedagogy is of great relevance. The success of Chandrayaan-3 fuels this aspiration.


Should Robots Replace Teachers?

Robots may have instructional abilities but lack in emotional quotient. It can play complementary roles easing the burden of teachers, making learning joyful


Overcome Setbacks, Aim for the Moon!

There are lessons to be learnt from the failure of Chandrayan-2 and success of Chandrayan-3. When your child faces a setback, he requires the family support..


Jackfruit Cutlet- Power Packed Natural Delicacy

Jackfruit is tasty and power packed with dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants thus strengthening the immune system, heart...


Getting Extra Storage Through Gamification: Drop Box Story

Dropbox has used several gamification techniques to make users go for extra storage through referral programs, Dropbox Badges and attain Dropbox Guru status.


Interactive and Dynamic Learning in Classrooms with Nearpod

Nearpod empowers students by fostering engagement, interactivity, and personalized, multi-sensory experiences, helping students to thrive in the digital age.


Learn University of Cambridge Courses in AI, Big Data, Design Thinking in India

University of Cambridge Online offers three innovative courses meant for upskilling of professionals to stay ahead with real world application and challenges.


In Celebration of the Enchanting Indian Monsoon

Anushree S Jaiswal has grown up in Mumbai watching the rains and shares an intimate relationship as revealed in the CHATAK 2023-The Monsoon Show held in Mumbai.


Meet Beatrice, the World's First Human AI Teacher

AI digital teachers can be a solution for lack of teachers in remote areas world wide. They can automate learning and provide quality education at a lower cost.


Free Rice, Sambar and Sweets to Children = 100% Attendance in Karnataka School

Stories from across India featuring best practices in education- Kerala school implements monthly birthday celebration, Bollywood actor gifts pens, books...

India News

NCERT Becomes Deemed-to-be University

NCERT is now allowed to start its own graduate, post graduate and doctoral programmes and design the syllabus. It may set up AI, VR and AR facilities soon.


NEP Ready Smart Class Solution

Extramarks Education has launched Smart Class Plus that enables learning to be more comprehensive, fun-based and helps to identify learning gaps in students.


National Curriculum Framework for School Education Released

The NCF-SE has articulated the learning standards to be achieved and the principles for selection of content, pedagogy, and assessments for learning outcomes.


Center for Geo-Spatial AI and Digital Twins at IITH

The center will carry out significant work in sensitive areas of India's defence and certain strategic places such as shipyards, also enable entrepreneurship.

Equity & Justice

Student Forced to Write Exam Sitting on the Floor over Fee Dues

A school headmaster forcibly made a child to write an examination sitting on the floor for non-payment of fees making the child cry in front of his classmates


Does Parenting Lead to Self Fulfilment or Self Actualisation?

A renovated Hierarch of Needs has put mate acquisition, retention and parenting at the top of the pyramid, considers parenting as a path to self actualisation