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Humanise AI- Ushering in a New Era in Education

Humanising AI is not about making it user friendly alone but how it is used to solve real world problems, improve learning outcomes and reduce teacher burden.


Learning with AI: Ushering in a New Era in Education

Students should not only be taught AI but also create real world applications, use AI for learning creatively as well. AI shall reduce the burden of teachers.

Responsible Use of AI in Education: In Search of Innovative Solutions

AI holds tremendous potential in education and students can use AI knowledge to develop real world applications. It can as well reduce the burden of teachers.


Outcome Based Education: Replacing LOTS with HOTS

Outcome Based Learning is undergoing a radical redefinition regarding the useful 'outcomes' of modern education. Higher Order Thinking Skills is in focus now.


Edpuzzle: Empowering Students with Interactive Video Learning

Edpuzzle provides a new dimension to video-based learning making it interactive and engaging. Use videos to embed questions, quizzes and additional content


KSUM Startup Launches AI Powered Design App for Marketing

In a highly competitive globalised market, it may not be easy for small businesses to create new marketing designs for brochures and presentations without AI


Life Skills- Finding the Right Recipe for Success

Success in a career is not about acquiring degrees or technical skills alone. Modern management requires people, life skills, socio-emotional skills for growth.


SmartBridge Solutions-Google Implement Project Based Learning in 400 Colleges

SmartBridge and Google is helping students and teachers gain hands-on project experience with latest Machine Learning technologies and Android app development.


Spicing up Food - Balancing Nutrition and Deliciousness

Indians delight in adding spices to food and indeed they have lot of health benefits. From a health perspective, it is important to blend flavour with nutrition


IIT Hyderabad to offer MTech, Executive MTech Programmes

IIT Hyderabad has signed an MoU with Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) and intends to offer MTech, Executive MTech and Certification programmes .

Education Policy

How to Prevent Rising Student Suicides in Kota?

A research study has suggested a 3-pronged strategy to prevent suicides in Kota's entrance coaching centres, the state government has issued fresh guidelines


Drop Boxes for Plastic Pens in School

It is not wise to throw away single use plastic pens after use. They can be handed over to recycling companies. Students can be encouraged to use refillable pen


Students Build Small Satellite for PSLV

This is the first all-women initiative to design a satellite in India. It will measure UV rays in space, Earth's surface to study their temperature influence.

Sports & Games

Indigenous Games to Spread Indigenous Knowledge

The effort of AICTE is to develop interest in children for indigenous knowledge through various games and activities aimed at promoting creativity and curiosity


UK University to Develop a New Carbon Negative Food Source

Cultivation of fungi at the root system of trees can produce edible mushrooms. Afforestaton and food production would happen simultaneously under the project

St Chavara as Patron of Entrepreneurs

St Chavara's personality was an integrated mode of myriad facets, prophet, priest, saint, contemplative, dynamic, a veritable Karmayogi as defined in Gita

Potential of AI in Education-Are we ready for it?

We have to adopt & adapt to new technologies such as generative AI. It has us to a new type of intelligence superior to human beings but still lacking some.

India News

Education to Entrepreneurship Partnership with Meta

The partnership with Meta is intended to improve the digital adoption for new entrepreneurs and youth. About 5 lakh entrepreneurs will benefit from the program


Fifty School Teachers Receive National Award on Teachers Day 2023

Fifty teachers from various schools and 13 from higher education were honoured with National Teachers Award in 2023 by President Droupadi Murmu in New Delhi