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Myths and Metaphors: Unleashing Human Imagination in Education

The problem with introducing myths as a pedagogical tool is lack of knowledge of myths and legends. Modern education may require new myths and metaphors in


Wanted: Modern-day Myths and Metaphors

Reimagining myths and metaphors in the context of AI may help promote various thinking skills in GenZs. Mindfulness & intuitive thinking has to be developed.

Myths and Metaphors- Foundation of Thinking in the AI Era?

If students are unable to connect with ancient myths and legends, new stories and metaphors can be created to accompany intellection, mindset development.


Disciplining Gen Zs- Understanding Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Gen Z is tech savy & independent but exposed to digital screens and fast-paced life affecting their attention span. Traditional methods of discipline may not


Gamified Loyalty Experience: What We can Learn from KFC

KFCs Shrimp Attack Campaign was a roaring success so was their Reward Arcade Programn which improves customer engagement with the brand for a longer period


75 Innovators to Get Support under iTIC-IITH-Greenko BUILD Programme

The 75 selected innovators will receive up to INR 1 lakh in financial support for building their Proof of Concepts. They will be mentored by industry experts,


Building Resilience, Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Dreams

Failures and challenges are part of life, and it is important to bounce back from them. Education should import strength and resilience in students for success.


Flipgrid- Empowering Students with Powerful Video-Based Communication

Through short video recordings students can articulate thoughts, demonstrate creativity and present their understanding of various subjects improving confidence


Hilarious-Unfolding the Unforgettable Experiences in Ad Industry

Adman Madman is the story of one of the celebrated Ad filmmakers in India where Prahlad Kakar shares his survival lessons in the commercial jungle of Mumbai


Combo Solution for Problems Solving, Reasoning and LifeSkills in Education

Conventional textbooks may not provide sufficient resources for teachers and students to enhance logical reasoning, problem solving and general awareness.


AI Powered App for Students to Clear Doubts

With the advent of generative AI, it is now possible for students to strengthen their learning of subjects with AI generative bots especially for STEM topics.

Strategies for Implementing Self Directed Learning in Classroom

Self directed learning focusses on the how of learning than what. It is a student-centric activity and not teacher-centric. Students take ownership of learning.


Generative AI to go far beyond chatbots and text generation, progress to AGI

Artificial General Intelligence will be a potential game changer as it will surpass humans on a broad spectrum of tasks, but it still remains unpredictable

Education Policy

Apna Chandrayan-Activity Based Support for School Students to Promote Science

Apna Chandrayan p for students to understand more about space science and technology meant to ignite confidence in children for indigenous tech


Breakthrough in Synthesising Highly Crystalline Pyrite at Low Temperatures


AI Chatbot Appointed Principal Head Teacher in England school

The AI chatbot named Abigail Bailey assist the human headteacher as well as helping students with questions, follows a ChatGPT model making it user friendly


Pedagogy of the Digital Natives Released

Pedagogy of the Digital Natives proposes an entrepreneurial transformation of education for mindset development rather than filing minds with information in AI

On Green and Happy Pre-School Training

The School of Happiness promotes joy and positive attitude in children from a very young age. Children laugh upto 400 times a day while adults only 3 or 4 times


Only Papa and Mama Can Tell What I am Saying!

Parents understand baby language when they mispronounce or just create sounds based on previous interactions and context. Da may refer to dog, dad..or nothing