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Tomorrows' Hope: Smart Democracy, Smarter Education!

Democracy is a form of government which is capable of correcting itself. The advent of AI and Machine Learning helps in policy making for citizen satisfaction.

Smart Democracy-Editorial

Advancing Towards a Smart Democracy

Quality of education plays a pivotal role in ensuring smart democracy. Students should be equipped to analyse data, information and evaluate government policy.

Smart Democracy-Schools

Fostering Citizenship and Democratic Values in Education

Citizenship, democracy, and success hinge on internal compliance and balanced detachment, as seen in real-life examples and educational strategies.

Smart Democracy-Schools

Thailand: Global Citizenship Education for a Polarised Country

Global Citizenship Education promotes social cohesion, tolerance, and critical thinking skills, offering hope amid Thailand's political challenges.


Help Students Self-immunize Against Information Viruses

Developing a holistic perception in students can serve as a powerful antidote to help them self-immunize against information viruses, make sense of big data.


Empowering Future Citizens: Fostering Democratic Values in Indian Schools

Foregrounding Schools instilling democratic values in Indian schools empowers future citizens for active participation in democracy and societal progress.


Notion: For Better Lesson & Assignments Management

Notion helps to write, plan, share and manage your work better. It is provided free for students and student organisations with several easy-to-use features.

Smart Democracy-AI & Law

Dealing with Misinformation, Disinformation in the Context of AI

Upholding free flow of information in democracy, AI poses challenges in discerning misinformation and disinformation. Accountability for misuse must be ensured.

Smart Democracy-Round Table

Need to Strengthen Education, Youth Engagement

103rd Rajagiri Round Table Conference on "Towards a Smart Democracy" discussed AI's impact, data ethics, and education's role in fostering democratic values.

Smart Democracy-Welfare

Dynamic Interplay Between Political Competiton and Economic Growth

Political competition in democracies fosters accountability, but excessive competition can hinder growth and lead to clientelism in disregard to public welfare.

Smart Democracy- Policy Making

Evidence-based policy making: A Path to Better Citizen Outcomes

Evidence-based policy making has been successfully used in many countries. It promotes general welfare of the people and judicious allocation of resources.

Smart Democracy-Pedagogy

How to Decode Indian Constitution to Students

It is difficult to understand Indian Constitution without understanding the context and history of the framing of the document which was a laborious process.

Smart Democracy-Pedagogy

Importance of Cooperative Learning & Constructive Controversy

To develop committed citizens, schools should use cooperative learning & constructive controversy procedures to engage students in political discourse process.

Smart Democracy-Youth

Futuristic Look at India's Democracy: A Youth Perspective

AI promises changes for Indian democracy, but challenges like access inequality and algorithmic bias must be addressed. Ensure AI serves the common good.


Foundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education Launched

Introduction of AI in education will improve career prospects of students, improve productivity and support innovation recognising the importance of teachers.


Balancing Technology, Nature, and Personal Growth

Parents face the dilemma of how to structure children's leisure time during vacations. What indoor and outdoor activities are good for keeping them engaged?


DOMS Arts League to Instill Passion for Art in Children

DOMS Arts League is an online platform to encourage school children to develop passion for art and even master it with tutorials, prizes given every month.


IIIT Launches BTech in Geospatial Technology

IIITH's dual degree curriculum is designed to offer a balanced and comprehensive education in Geospatial Technology and Computer Sciences & a rewarding career.


Novel Hydrogel Helps Remove Microplastics from Water

The hydrogel developed by IISc consists of three different polymers-chitosan, polyvinyl chloride and polyaniline & effectively removes microplastics from water.


The Vitality of Education for Refugee Children

Zaya's Dream captures the plight of millions of girls and boys denied education as a consequence of man-made conflicts and climate disasters around the globe.


Bogus Voting and Faith in Democracy

The success of a democracy involves the conduct of free & fair elections. Every election is a celebration that begins with the announcement of candidates.


AI Doctor Vs Human Doctor and the Winner is..

Researchers point out that GPT-4 AI models are not likely to replace healthcare professionals but help in clinical diagnosis where specialist doctors are less.


Importance of Care and Support for Well-Being

In India which still has strong reliance on family support, care comes from parents and immediate family members which is a great relief in times of distress.


Deakin University invites applications for the 2024 VC’s Meritorious Scholarship

Deakin Univ offers INR 60M in scholarships via the 2024 Vice-Chancellor's Meritorious Scholarship Program for Indian students.