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AI in Education- Friend or Foe?

The education world is yet to fully grasp the full potential of ChatGPT and other AI powered tools to transform education making it more holistic and meaningful


AIEU-The New Vowels of Education

Use of AI to develop thinking skills, entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills are essential to make school and college education holistic and futuristic


AI as Assistive Technology in Learning

To prevent misuse of ChatGPT, teachers can assign tasks that are personalised and contextualised that requires original thought and action, through multimedia


AI Adoption in Education: Prospects and Challenges

AI can make learning experiences unique for each child taking into consideration their different skills and intelligence levels, making learning joyful


The Why and How of Entrepreneurship for Students

Entrepreneurship training is not just for creating startups, it can help revive a loss-making business, develop innovative spirit and problem solving skills


How can AI Help Transform India's Education?

Personalised education, creation of smart content, task automation, education for special needs are among the benefits that accrue from use of AI in Education


Simple and Spicy Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a popular, dish sold on the streets as well as served in big restaurants. It is an amazing, nutritious food ideal as evening snack and dinner meal


People Skills: A Must for the Changing World

Effective communication and people skills are important for career success. Chilldren need to learn it early in life to get ahead in a multicultural society.


Listen and Practice Music, Prevent Cognitive Decline

Practicing and listening to music has shown to prevent cognitive decline by adding more grey matter in the world for older adults, a UNIGE study has shown.


Future Innovators Fair by IITH Attracts School Children

IIT Hyberabad hosted the Future Inventor's Fair which brought together 22 teams from Telengana schools to display their creations to solve problems in society


New Quantum Materials for High-Speed Communications

A new quantum material has been developed which can be used in extremely powerful electronic devices of the future to replace silicon in semiconductors.


Eco-friendly alternatives to Leather

Ecofriendly leather have been created from flower waste, banana waste and mushroom that reduces carbon emissions, water use promoting sustainability

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Exhibition Highlights Learning Disabilities and Innovation

The 'Inclusion for Innovation' exhibit throws light on the link between learning disabilities and innovation through a variety of interactive games and events


What is Instapoetry and Why It is Becoming Popular?

Instapoets have been criticised for reducing an art form to a viral commodity. Instapoetry is more appealing as they appear more real life, touch the emotional

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What is LIGO-India and Its Impact on Space Science?

When LIGO-India is completed, it will join a global network of gravitational-wave observatories that includes Virgo in Italy and KAGRA in Japan.

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Govt Seeks Feedback on NCF for School Education

It is great opportunity for stakeholders in education in India to express their views about the pre-draft of National Curriculum Framework on School Education


AI Model for Dance Choregraphy

Stanford Researchers have developed a generative AI model for dance choreography. It is a great tool for choreographers to design sequences in a live setting


New Programming Language to Interact with ChatGPT

LMQL is a new programming language that helps users to interact more systematically with ChatGPT to produce a preferred outcome that is mistake free & reliable


What is Lab Grown Meat and Will it be Affordable?

Researchers at NUS has come up with a novel plant-based scaffold for developing animal tissues for lab cultured meat thus making it more affordable


How can AI Help in Providing Different Types of Learning in Schools?

AI can enable personalised learning, adaptive learning, intelligent tutoring systems and natural language processing, support inquiry based learning for pupils


Easy Method to Curb Cybersickness

Those using virtual reality games are prone to cyber sickness such as dizziness, nausea and headache. Research shows listening to music can curb cybersickness


Using AI to Design A More Appealing Car

Car design is a time consuming and costly process; however, new machine learning algorithms help designers reduce the time and effort required for new design