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Parenting: Balancing Nature and Nurture

Not allowing the child to develop its natural instincts and too much nurturing can put obstacles to attaining independence and resilience in the child.


Right to Quality Parenting in Digital Age

An entrepreneurial mindset development early in schools will help children to even develop solutions within the family and enable active involvement of parents.

Allow Constructive Use of Digital Technology for Children

As long as children use technology without getting addicted to them, parents need not be worried about it. It may improve problem solving and conceptual skills.

Less Stress, More Learning- An Experience in Alternative School for Children

Alternative schooling provides room for a child's physical and emotional development without the stress and anxiety. Learning is joyful, they fail and learn.


How Parenting Can Develop Entrepreneurial Instincts in a Child?

Success and failures are adult ideas. By nature kids are inquisitive and love to learn or do more, ideal for developing an entrepreneurial mindset early in life


Using 5G for Inclusive and Quality Education in India

5G can enable children in remote villages who don't have access to quality education to broaden their educ experiences, help teachers to upgrade skills


Eat Almonds, Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

A study done funded by Almond Board of California has shown that eating almonds before meals reverses pre-diabates which otherwise may lead to onset of diabetes


Kulcha, Naan and Dal Makhini- the spicy, lentil dish to savour

Dal Makhani has its origins in Punjab and now commonly served in all Indian restaurants. It goes well with naan and kulcha and also popular as 'Maa ki Daal'

Digital Technologies Can Support Quality Parenting

The role of parenting hasn't changed in the digital age amid new challenges. The primary responsibility is to nurture and make them blossom in career and life.

Screen Time: How Much is Ideal for a Child?

Increase in screen time leads to physical and emotional problems in children. Therefore, parents should ensure a balance between screen time, play and reading.

Ideal Parenting: How to be a Friend and Guide

Parents should not become judgmental and give unconditional love to their children, avoid comparison with other children and make them realise their mistakes

UN Conventions and Rights of a Child to Quality Parenting

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of UN has pointed out that parents have to undertake measures keeping in mind the best interests of the child.


International Legal Treaty Sought to Regulate Formula Food Marketing

Baby formula food companies are spreading misinformation, lobbying to increase sales while many countries fail to follow WHO guidelines on breast feeding.

India News

Integrated Teacher Education Programme launched in 57 TEIs

Teacher training will be offered as undergraduate course preparing them for 4 stages of the new school structure-Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary


Concrete to Build Homes in Mars

Star Crete is made using Martian soil mixed with potato starch and a pinch of salt. This is twice as strong as ordinary concrete and suited for outer space use

Global News

New Rating System for schools in Abu Dhabi

The schools would be ranked outstanding, good, acceptable or weak on the basis of understanding of UAE traditions, customs, value, citizenship by children.


Novel Method to Recycle Plastic

Cornell University researchers have come up with a novel catalytic approach to transform waste HDPE plastic into new material that can be repeatedly recycled


India's First Methanol Powered Truck Developed

The first Methanol engine was jointly developed by researchers at Indian Institute of Science and Ashok Leyland, funded by Department of Science and Technology

India News

India-Australia Framework Mechanism for Mutual Recognition of Qualifications

Australian Education Minister Jason Clare said that Australia is very keen to broaden the partnership between the two countries in the field of education a