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Foundational Numeracy and Literacy: Future-Back Perspective

Through direct encounters with nature & meaningful, hands-on experiences, preschoolers can develop the foundational skills & competencies they need for success.


A Strong Foundation for Literacy and Numeracy

Early learning should lay a firm foundation in numeracy and literacy, taking into consideration the future requirements of learners in the AI age & VUCA World.

Global News

The Global Drive for Quality Basic Education

Foundational Literacy and Numeracy continue to remain a concern for several countries, including India. India aims to achieve SDG 4.6 by 2025 with NIPUN Bharat.

Round Table

Policy Prescription for Better Early Learning Outcome

Foundational Numeracy and Literacy can be improved with quality Early Childcare and Education and using local or mother languages for early learning in India.


Mother Language Ideal for Instruction in Early Learning

In many countries students are taught in a language other than their mother tongue, compromising their ability to learn effectively & effortlessly, says UNESCO.


Fun Way to Learn: Importance of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes have a meaningful role to play in early learning. They help in language & speech development, numerical & cognitive skills, and dramatization.


New NCF Based Books for Early Learning in India

Books have to provide the primary material for cognitive development in early learning. Now publishers are adopting NCF 2022 guidelines to bring out new books.


Ways of Building Student Autonomy and Resilience

Dr Mahalakshmi Sankar emphasizes cultivating student autonomy and resilience through activity-based learning, fostering opinions and decision-making skills.


Do School Uniforms Restrict Physical Activity & Exercise?

In nations where school uniforms were compulsory, physical activity and exercise was lower than WHO mandated 60 minutes per day. Is design change necessary?

India News

Minimum Age for School Admission is Six Years

Many states have not been following the Union Ministry of Education directive of admitting students to Grade I at the age of six. Many still admit at age 5.

News Analysis

Interim Budget: A Disappointment for Education

An analysis of the Union Interim Budget 2024-25 presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman on the allocation of funds for the education sector.


Double Computer Processing Speeds Without Upgrading

Simultaneous use of existing processing components could reduce computer hardware costs while also reducing carbon emissions from the energy produced.


Salads: A Healthy Way to Beat Summer Heat

Salads featuring vegetables and fruits high in water content, such as celery, watermelon, and tomatoes, emerge as delightful allies in beating the summer heat.


A Studio for Creative Expression for Children

Celebrating the best practices adopted or innovations implemented by educational institutions for the progress of their students and social welfare in India.


Diploma Course in Drone Management by Air Asia

The course covers drone management, drones and technology, business & entrepreneurship in drones. It provides a deep understanding of drones and best practices.

Healthy Living

How to Spot Eating Disorders at a Young Age

The irresistible urge to eat at the sight, smell and taste of food at the age of 4 or 5 may be a precursor to developing eating disorders in teenage years.

Phys Ed

More Movement in Classroom, Less Obesity

Sedentary classrooms may lead to children putting on more weight. The physical movements can reduce waist-to-height ratio & improve attention of kids.


Why Gamification is Ideal for Military Training

Gamification helps in preparing soldiers for real-life combat in a riskless manner. It helps them learn how to manage high-end equipment & dangerous missions.


Personalised Free Learning with AI Tutoring

Khan Academy gives free online learning for school students in most subjects. It has now introduced AI tutoring at a nominal fee to make learning impactful.


Ludo for Mental Stimulation & Fighting Loneliness

Ludo helps stimulate memory functions, promote good mental agility and help older adults maintain or even enhance their cognitive abilities, fight loneliness.


The Woman Who Built the Model Town Faridabad

Her work straddled so many fields- nationalist politics, feminist politics, theatre, handicrafts. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay is indisputably a remarkable woman.


Scribbles: The Bittersweet Art of Infancy

Infants show their artistic prowess on your walls with pencils & crayons. It may be painful to see your walls getting spoiled but see them as budding artists!


Comprehensive & Flexible Higher Education

Western education has been flexible as it has followed a multidisciplinary approach for many years, it helps in professional growth & enable lifelong learning.


Get UK Scholarships for Higher Education in 2024

Students can get UK scholarships in areas such as Finance, Marketing, Business, Psychology, Justice & Legal Studies. Scholarship amount is 10,000 British Pound.


Mind Curriculum for Analytical and Creative Thinking

Mind curriculum in humanities for higher studies help students understand their own mind & how it works for others. It develops analytical and creative thought.