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The Potential Energy of the Nation

India can reap the demographic dividend by providing quality education at schools keeping in mind the context of a VUCA world, advent of AI & ML in industry


On Enhancing the Potential Energy of the Nation

To develop the potential energy of the nation, the focus of education shall not be filling the minds of students with information but mindset development.


NCF: Towards More Student-Centric Learning Experiences

NCF is integrative, holistic, internally coherent, empowering and enabling, and not overly prescriptive. And it focuses on student-centric learning experiences.


Should Education be Student Centric or Teacher Centric?

The dichotomy between student-centric and teacher-centric approaches are not absolute. A blended approach allows active involvement of students in learning.


Project Based Learning is Fun and Engaging for Students

Alternative schooling already has the potential to make learning fun and engaging, involve children in democratic and economic participation as laid out in NCF.


A Journey to Ladakh

The people of these mountains are always smiling and look peaceful. It was an educating experience to taste the food, snowfalls and adverse climatic conditions.

NCF for School Education: Are We Missing the Wood for the Trees?

The NCF intends to reduce content of learning but develop critical thinking skills, competencies and aptitude for holistic development with contextual learning


Developing Leadership Qualities and Overcoming Challenges in Workplace

Workplace throws up challenges & crisis situations emerge from time to time. Our schools should impart leadership, communication, people skills for the future.


Hellobotz 23, an Experiential Platform for Robots

Robotics throws up immense possibilties with applications in industry, services sector and education. A startup is spreading awareness of robotics through expos


Are You Eating Enough Fibre Daily?

Inclusion of fibre in diet helps in digestion, keeps everyone fuller for longer & facilitates regular bowel movements. Sadly, Indians consume less fibre daily.


Himachal School Hosts India's First Education Web 3 Metaverse Event

Metaverse can fuel curiosity, creativity and innovation among children. It can bridge the gap between traditional education and interactive, immersive learning.

India News

Student Startups: Edtech Continues to be the Favourite

Web 3.0, crypto, block chain have emerged as new interest areas for student startups in India. Two third of startup founders are from Medium Resource Colleges


National Mission for Mentoring Launches Web Portal

NCTE has launched the web portal to enable interfacing with teachers to provide mentoring on various topics of professional interest as part of NEP 2020

Automation of Examinations with AI, Macquarie University shows the way

Universities facing shortage of teachers and financial resources may use AI to automate examination marking. It will help teachers focus on more important tasks

Education Policy

Does the Educational Qualification of a Political Leader Matter in India?

A research study done by IIM Bangalore has shown that there is a small positive impact on infrastructure facilities in a constituency if the leader is educated.

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New Guidelines Released for Deemed-to-be Universities in India

The new guidelines will encourage universities to focus on quality & excellence, strengthen the research and development in an objective, transparent manner.