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Time to Moult: Need For AI Resilient Education

Moulting may be a painful process in insects as well as in education. It requires discarding outdated practices and introducing concepts relevant to AI age.


It’s Moulting Time

Moulting of education must eliminate unnecessary stress as on students as old teaching practices are no longer sufficient to develop the skillset and mindset.

Moult - Overview

A Call for Radical Paradigm Shift

Indian education system has to undergo a moulting process by replacing outdated practices with innovative approaches, creative use of AI tools in learning.

Moult - Inertia

Conquer Intellectual Inertia

Inertia is inherent in nature. Just as physical objects develop inertia, so is the human mind. Systematic conditioning leads to inertia which can be overcome.

Moult - Replace

Outdated Practices & Modern Solutions

The moulting of education requires discarding outdated teaching practices and replacing it with AI resilient skills that develop skillset & mindset for success.

Moult - Adapt

Collaborate and Learn with AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence has come as a boon for both teachers & students as it lessens the burden of teachers, provide personalised learning & improves thinking.

Moult - Rebuild

Skills with Micro Credentials

With rapid advancements in technology, all professionals have to reskill & upskill continuously. Micro credentials will help in continuously skill upgradation.

Moult - Bring Out

Learning Outside the Classroom

Confining education to the classroom alone can create boredom & lack of interest in children. Taking them outdoors can instill curiosity & motivation to learn.


Building a Positive School Environment

A school has to build strong partnerships with families and the community. Parents have to be engaged in the educational journey, creating a supportive network.


Bringing Parents to School

Parents have a great role in creation of a positive academic attitude in students. The need to set the freedom, autonomy and limits by positive disciplining.


Creating a Positive Ecosystem

Schools are improvising learning by incorporating real world experiences, promoting discussions, providing emotional support, involving parents and community.

Lifestory I

Illness to Success

Misfortune can affect any one any time. It can be in the form of a disease or accident or loss of a dear one. With determination, one can overcome such crises.

Lifestory II

Tears to Triumph

Kindergarten teachers should make children believe that it is their second home. A playful environment, love and trust can help build confidence in the child.

Lifestory III

Career to Career

One may face several obstacles to attain one's career and life goals. In such cases, it is determination, dedication and unwavering focus that leads to success.


Navigate the Obstacles to Success

Teachers, parents and students must collaborate to overcome obstacles, fostering a supportive environment for students to achieve their goals in career & life.


Positive Classroom, Better Outcome

Developing thinking skills & promoting a positive attitude, enhance students' capacity for critical & creative thought, preparing them for a successful future.

Skillset & Mindset

Develop AI Resilient Learning

AI may cause jobs involving repetitive tasks to disappear. But it will create new opportunities for students with critical thinking & problem solving skills.


Personalized Learning Ecosystem

Create personalized learning ecosystems for diverse classrooms to ensure inclusive and engaging education for all.

Higher Education

Online BBA-Digi Biz & Entrepreneurship

Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore has launched a new online BBA programme in entrepreneurship with multiple exits & quality education at lesser cost.


Entrepreneurial Capacity Building

Industry-Academia collaboration helps in promoting entrepreneurship development in colleges and universities. Teachers can become partners in student startups.


For Study in India and Abroad

Applications are invited for NextGen Edu Scholarship, UK-India TOEFL Scholarship, J.M. Sethia Merit Scholarship Scheme.

Book Review

Lessons for Wellbeing

The book is an essential guide for teachers, parents and researchers. Happy home helps build happy relationships leading to success in life and career.


India's First Quantum Microchip Imager

India has developed its first Quantum Diamond Microchip Imager to enhance semiconductor chip reliability & solution for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding.


Khan's Experiments

Khan Academy uses a gamified experience to increase engagement for online learners. Users earn points by achieving learning goals and five badges are given.


STEM Mentorship for School Girls

IIT Delhi is organising its third batch of STEM mentorship programme for girl students of Delhi which is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.


ChatGPT for Universities

ChatGPT Edu is powered by GPT-4o. It has more functionalities than free ChatGPT-3. It provides data analytics, web browsing, document summarisation facilities.

India News

CBSE Adds New Electives

CBSE has launched new electives for Class IX and X to enable students to acquire thinking skills as well as tap new jobs in the life sciences sector in India.

Early Learning

Activity Learning for Anganwadis

The new activity-based curriculum for anganwadis encourages use of household objects which help in development of sensory-motor skills in kids and curiosity.


Change Lovers & Change Me Nots

Most people want to see change in others but seldom change themselves. Some others wait for others to change and still others who are stubborn in their beliefs.


A Productive Summer

Summer is the best time for students for developing socio-emotional skills by involving in neighbourhood, community activities & developing new friendships.


AI: Sustainability at Risk?

Despite the many uses of generative AI such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini or MS Copilot, its sustainability has been questioned by many in view of large water use.