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The Political Path

Public perception has to change if more youth should get involved in politics. Various skills can be taught to students to prepare them for statesmanship.


Education for Statespersonship

Education should lead to the development of visionaries who will contribute to public good and nation building. It requires problem solving & thinking skills.

Stride 1 - Perspective

Creating Visionary Leadership

Curriculum, content & activities in schools and colleges should go through a transformation to develop competencies that nurture future leaders and visionaries.

Stride 2 - Legacy

Vulnerabilities of Democracy

The concept of statesmanship dates back to the Vedic times & also discussed in ancient Greece and Rome. Vedas mention about Rule of Law & qualities of a ruler.

Stride 3 - Character

What Makes a Statesperson?

A statesperson should be a visionary having multiple talents and skills known for their integrity, wisdom and courage. They should work for citizen's welfare.

Stride 4 - Youth

Raising the Political Consciousness

A paper published by Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore faculty has underscored the need for more civic engagement for our youth and self- expression.

Stride 5 - Citizen Welfare

Wellbeing as a Public Policy Parameter

Academicians at London School of Economics and Political Science has brought out a guidebook to make citizen wellbeing a part of project implementation in UK.

Stride 6 - Engagement

Democracy for Busy People

Yale University researcher has articulated a method of minimum citizenship to ensure that busy people are involved in politics without impinging on their time.

Stride 7 - Sovereignty

Innovations by Rousseau

Rousseau advocated sovereignty of the people in a democracy & their active participation in assemblies & its relevance is not lost in modern political context.

Stride 8 - Inspirations

World of Political Influencers

Statespersons all over the world have certain common characteristics such as rhetoric skills, empathy, visionary perception, diplomacy and concern for welfare.

Stride 9 - Training

Nurturing Political Sense

Get into the details of how we can develop a political sense to cultivate statespersonship in students, and how it is relevant in building a brighter future.

Stride 10 - Pillars

Art of Rhetoric & Dialogue

A statesperson must protect their people's interests, using persuasion & rule-based actions. For Effective communication, rhetoric, & dialogue are crucial.


How Schools Train for Statespersonship

What are the some of the activities undertaken to promote statespersonship in qualities in students? How can those activities promote civic responsibility?

News for Edu Leadership

Ways To Strengthen Democracy

People lose trust in Democracy in Australia, lack of public health funding in India, difficulty in identifying fake news & shortage of leadership skills.

News for Parents

Conversations with kids will conquer fear

How kids conquer fear of mistakes, Nutrition in pregnancy affects child health, Children with ADHD, Gaming boosts social skills, Early brain response in babies.

News for Students

Belief in AI boosts performance

AI boosts performance, Video games boost children's well-being, Kids prefer tablets over books, UChicago 2024 convocation, Voters prefer happy politicians.

News for Teachers

Handle Political Issues Sensitively

Teachers need to handle political science classes with sensitivity especially those concerning contemporary politics and Australia to groom women in politics.


Me-Time for Teachers

Teachers can perform well only when they take care of their physical, emotional and physical needs. Teachers should show empathy & speak up for their cause.


HypOp in the Search

A new AI framework developed by university scientists help tackle problems that are too complex. It learns from data & finds patterns to solve various problems.



Education not only happens in the school but more in families where parents have a major role. Parent-Child engagement can be fostered with AI assisted tech.


India's First 3-D Printed Bridge

The new technology reduces the use of concrete and reinforcement. It has the potential for transforming the construction industry offering design flexibility.


Gamification in Entertainment Media

Gamification enhances the entertainment industry bringing more viewers and profitability. The gamified process attracts new customers while retaining existing.

India News

New Digital Library Platform

Rashtriya e-Pustakalaya is meant to instill lifelong reading interest in children and youth. The mobile app will be available for download in Android & iOS.

Campus Outreach

Giving Space for School Students

A student at Lubbock High School is currently researching on absorption power of personnel & household wipes in TTU to expand its applications for various uses.

Paradigm Shifts

Gender-Neutral Textbooks

Kerala's Education Department introduces gender-neutral concepts in class 3 textbooks, showing fathers in non-traditional roles, & received widespread acclaim.


Scholarships for All Students

Applications are invited for YASHASVI scholarship, Mother Teresa Scholarship , SHDF Scholarship, Ramanujan Fellowship, Aadhar Kaushal Scholarship 2024.


Breaking the Inertia

Paradigm shift calls for a change in the purpose of education. It may meet with resistance from stakeholders initially. Committed leadership can bring change.


Signs of Change in Vision & Mission

Curriculum, pedagogy, vision and mission of educational institutions must change in accordance with the changing times and focussed on building AI resilience.


The Path to Career Accomplishment

If students are allowed to take up careers they are passionate about they are likely to succeed. We can find inspiration from many Indian professionals abroad.


Creative Works are Only Mirrors

Understanding content whether it is text, images or video may not be easy at first. Reviewing the content, discussing with friends & even using AI tools help.