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India’s Holistic Approach For Global Education

India's education system is focused on multilingualism, gaining knowledge and competencies. It builds a competitive spirit and resilience in student community


Globalization of Indian Educational Legacy

India's modern education system should develop children from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset,finally an entrepreneurial mindset to make learning relevant

Make in India- The Role of India in Shaping Global Education

India's education system has some inherent strengths but requires fine tuning with respect to integration of AI, renewed focus on mindset development of child.


Millet Delicacies Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

Millets can help overcome certain nutritional deficiencies as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also contains micronutrients phosphorous, pottasium, zinc


Contemporary Literature: Helping Students Understand Their Own World

Contemporary writers have tended to explore creativity in literary production. It transcends conventional writing, encouraging individuals to explore language.


Application of AI in the Field of Legal Education & Profession in India

AI can positively influence legal education and legal research in many ways. Scholars may access a large volume of information without taking much effort.

Higher Education

Empowering Indian Youth for a Career in Banking

Becoming an entrepreneur was a decision deeply rooted in my desire for self-expression, impact & personal growth. I am now empowering youth for banking career.


Kahoot! - Revolutionizing Learning through Gamified Education

Kahoot has harnessed the power of gamification to transform the way we approach education. It has incorporated game-like elements into the learning processes.


Alarming Facts About Global Warming and Climate Change

The COP28 to be held in Dubai will be the most significant since the 2015 Paris Agreement. Governments have to act to bring in policies to reduce emissions.


Multi-millet Nutri-Bars to Fight Malnutrition in Children

Multi-millets may prove useful to fight malnutrition among children. It will help boost their cognitive development and also reduce absenteeism in Anganwadis


Social Media Helps Nurture Relationships in Children

Teenagers had utilised TikTok during Covid lockdown to build friendships and family relationships. It helped them take a break from homework or schoolwork.


One Classroom Turns into a Book

The programme encourages children to read books and also improve their creativity and critical thinking abilities through expression of content various ways.


Do You Agree to UNESCO Endorsement of Smartphone Ban in Schools?

According to UNESCO banning mobile phones may improve academic performance, higher screen time leads to poorer chi. well-being, less curiosity, self control.


WILL- Global Initiative to Enable Life Long Learning for Professionals

According to World Economic Forum, half of the world's population will need upskilling to stay updated with technological developments. WILL may be a solution.


Dancing Monster Black Hole Pairs Cause Humming of the Universe

Dancing black hole pairs cause ripples in the fabric of our cosmos. These ripples are nano-hertz gravitational waves which extends to crores of kilometres.

India News

Three Years of NEP: Nationwide transformation of School, College Education

The Ministry of Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship signed 106 Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with various organizations and institutions.

An Accidental Innovator Develops Cutlery from Agri Waste

My business is concerned with UN Sustainable Development Goals 13-Climate Action. Plastic waste is damaging our eco-system, organic alternatives have to be used

Sports & Games

Smashing Success! Siblings Bring Home Four Titles in State Badminton

India has tremendous sporting potential if they are identified young and given proper infrastructure and coaching. They also require a supportive school system.


How Poor Teacher Training Caused High Infant Mortality in USA

Changing collegiate curriculums for teachers helped teenagers understand the importance of nutrition for delivering healthy babies and parental well-being.


The 4 Ps of Life and Career Success

Personality Development, Planning, Diplomacy, Politics, Prioritisation are key elements of success for students who will contribute to the growth of the nation.


China Sends First Rocket Carrier Propelled by Liquid Methane

Methane has emerged as a new-type low-caron alternative to its traditional counterparts in many aspects including lower weight, less space and lower maintenance


Learning to Save and Invest Together with Gamification

To create user engagement, they launched Greenlight Level Up, an interactive, curriculum-based financial literacy game that aims at empowering young people