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A Venture to Unlearn: Making Vacations Part of Holistic Education

Sense perception is also at the heart of developing intuitive skills vital in the AI era. Vacation should help in gathering real experiences to enrich life.


Vacation: Time for Gathering Experience

Vacation must open the senses of children to the external world for holistic perception by immersing in nature and surroundings, not through guided activities.

Round Table

Vacation: A Time to Reestablish Experience as Best Teacher

Vacation is meant for unlearning, detoxification in an unstructured manner based on the interests and inclination of children and providing real experiences.


Making Vacations Memorable for Kids

Transforming vacations into unforgettable experiences for kids through creative activities, interdisciplinary learning, and hands-on projects.


Holistic Approach to Experiential Learning in the Classroom

Teachers of present era are not trained to impart experiential learning which prepares students not just to pass exams but to be prepared for life challenges.


Life Lessons for Children: The Curriculum Outside the Syllabus

Holistic Education is not passive learning but engaged learning. The author points out importance of understanding local culture, language and life skills.


Vacation: A Time for Unlearning and Detoxification

Vacation is about unwinding and unlearning. It is the time to keep your mind off the routine tasks and focus on something that is engaging for your mind & body.


A Fruitful Vacation with Grand Daughters: A Two-Way Journey

Time out with my granddaughters when they came for vacation gave a valuable experience about getting to know animals, insects and also understanding plant life.


Learning from the Book of Nature, a New Chapter in Education

Immersive programs take students beyond the classroom. They explore wetlands, forests, and coastal ecosystems.


The Power of Storytelling: Creating Memories and Building Bonds

Story telling is becoming a powerful tool in business communications. For kids, providing authentic experiences improves communication, creativity & innovation.


Communication Skills: Survival Kit in the AI Age

Humankind must co-exist with AI harmoniously. Confidence, clarity, empathy, listening, responding are all important in communication and that is what AI lacks.


Effective Strategies for Experiential Learning in Kindergarten

Experiential Learning helps develop various 21st century skills such as emotional intelligence, different types of perception, observation & thinking skills.


Tell Me One More Story: The Impact of Story Telling on Child Development

Story telling plays a crucial role in developing imaginative and creative skills of the child. It kindles the curiosity and helps children to improve listening.

India News

New Initiatives Launched in Education for NEP Implementation

Several new initiatives were launched by Ministry of Education as part of implementation of NEP 2020. This includes National Mission for Mentoring and NPST.


Providing Real-Life & Experiential Learning at a School in Gurgaon

Students are engaged in resolving practical issues by presenting real-world scenarios and challenges related to their studies & encourage open-ended questions.


Enabling Holistic Perception of Reality in Education

To address the existential challenges, modern education must be grounded in a gray perception of reality & immersive learning based on intrinsic motivation.


Transforming Fairy Tales and Challenging Perceptions of Disability

The effort here is to retell timeless tales by integrating their own daily experiences—the obstacles, moments of happiness, and difficulties making it unique.


Role of Implementation Science and AI in Foundational Numeracy and Literacy

Teachers can effectively use AI to create assessment plans & offer guidance on relevant learning materials. They must have requisite expertise and abilities.


SmartBridge-Swayam Plus of IIT Madras Partnership to offer AI, Data Science Cour

The courses offered by IIT Madras and SmartBridge are meant for industries such as energy, manufacturing, computer science and engineering, IT and heathcare.


College Integrates Whatsapp in Library Management

Students are alerted on time regarding return of books on due date which saves money on fines. It also provides update on availability of books which is useful.

CSR in Education

Ambuja Cements Promotes Community Library Initiative in Darlaghat

A community library will develop reading and improve learning outcome in children. The library was renewed with comfortable seating, bookshelves in the school.


Smart Coke: Devising New Gamification Strategies for Branding

Coca Cola has emerged as a front runner in gamification of marketing of beverages. Whether it is 007 campaign or shake it, or share a coke, each one is unique.


RGCB invites applications for its MSc Biotechnology program

MSc Biotechnology Course offers such specialisation as Disease Biology & Genetic Engineering. RGCB is a leading institution for teaching & research in biotech.


Funding for Higher Studies in India and Abroad

Find out more about the several scholarships for higher education for a range of subjects of study in Indian universities and abroad offered for 2024 intake.


Adani University and Vjoist Innovation Establish a Path of Academic Advancement

Adani University and Vjoist Innovation marks a significant step towards promoting educational excellence and fostering a culture of innovation.


Leadership Lessons: Role of Personal Growth and Managerial Skills

The story of Maragatam Ramalingam who runs a major hospital in Salem is an example of personal growth and managerial skills required for success as a leader.


Earth's Earliest Forest Discovered in South West England

The trees were found to be much shorter than their descendants, the trunks were thin and hollow, two to four metres tall. It dates back to the Devonian Period.


The Single Mango Mystery

There was a mango tree in our house which bore only one fruit throughout its life span. It has remained a mystery how a healthy tree couldn't be productive.