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March 19, 2019 Tuesday 04:10:35 PM IST
Scholarship offered by Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine for the year 2019-20

 The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM), a School of Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics has announced scholarships for the citizens of the Republic of India for the academic year 2019-20. The scholarships are being offered for Master's and PhD in the following disciplines:

(i) Neuroscience, ( ii ) Molecular Medicine, (iii) Medical Genetics and (iv) Biomedical Research (only for  Master's)

1. The following types of scholarships are being offered by the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) to the Indian citizens:

i)       Up to two Scholarships of 2,000 Euros each, for up to two students who will be accepted to study and register in any of its MSc programs.

ii)      A number of full and partial scholarships to cover tuition fees to MSc and PhD students based on academic criteria.

iii)     In addition to the above, various types of scholarships are available specifically for PhD students, for years 2, 3 and 4 which may cover costs of consumables and/or a monthly allowance.

2. The admission to the relevant programmes will remain open until 15th May 2019 and applicants are required to applying online through the  CSMM  website, . The prospectus of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine is available in the above link.

(Ghansam) Under Secretary (Scholarship)

Dt. 18.03.2019

Tele: 01126172896