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September 15, 2018 Saturday 04:18:33 PM IST
Scholarship for Minority Students: 2018-19

Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA) provides an opportunity to the students belonging to six minority communities notified by the Government of India for availing Scholarships under three scholarship schemes viz. Pre-Matric, Post-Matric and Merit-cum-Means based Scholarship Schemes for the year 2018-19. 


·        The applicant should belong to any one from the notifed minority communities viz. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs,Buddhists,Zoroastrians (Parsis) and Jains.

·        Pursuing studies in India in Government or Private Universities/ Institutes/colleges/schools.

·        The course being pursued is of minimum one year duration .

·        The applicant should have secured 50% marks in the last annual Board/Class examination.

Last Date for Application 30th September


For more details visit here and can be applied online here.