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July 22, 2017 Saturday 12:22:49 PM IST
UGC asks VCs to update KYC data

Kochi : The University Grants Commission has reminded all the Vice Chancellors of Universties in the country to update the"Know Your Gollege (KYC)" portal created by the MHRD. In a communication Dr. Jaspal Sandhu, Secretary of UGC says that the portal was created with the direction of Prime Minister for generating an appropriate framework for the students seeking various information about the educational institutions from a single window instead of looking for different websites.

The "Know Your college (KYC)" portal will act as one-stop shop for students and their parents across the country to help them make an informed decision on the choice of institutions and the courses. lt seems that many institutions have not uploaded the data about their respective  institutions on the portal. The data uploaded on the portal need to be clear and accurate.

Keeping in view the importance of the KYC portal, the Secretary of the Commission requested all VCs to make their personal indulgence in the matter and upload the accurate data about the Institutions on "KYC" portal which should be updated periodically and also ensure the same in  affiliated institutions. UGC requested the institutions to help the Government in successfully achieving this student-friendly initiative.