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July 05, 2019 Friday 03:15:40 PM IST

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb hits market

Technology Inceptions

Xiaomi has announced that its Mi LED Smart Bulb is now available for purchase.  The product is now available via Amazon, Flipkart,

The Mi LED Smart Bulb supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants and come with a claimed 11-year lifespan. It can be controlled using the company's Mi Home app and supports 16 million colours. According to the Chinese smart devices maker, the Mi LED Smart Bulb doesn't require a hub to operate and can be set up with just the company's Mi Home application. The same app can be used to control the smart bulb, including switching it On and Off, setting schedule, changing brightness, and changing colour. This 10W LED bulb supports up to 800 lumens brightness.