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May 04, 2018 Friday 11:30:14 AM IST

Why the Teachers should be on Social Media?

Teacher Insights

This generation kids learn faster than any of the teachers can ever imagine. The more they are connected to the digital world, the quicker they update themselves. But often what they get from the digital world might turn out to be misinformation. As a teacher, it is very important that you are active in social media as it helps to connect well with the students.

Being active in social media will be helpful in the following ways:

1.Excellent rapport with students:

When a teachers engage on social media, they aren't just a part of students' lives for the 55 minutes they see them in class. Instead the teachers get more time with the students. They get to know what their interests are, and even more importantly they will get to know you better too, which will eventually help in keeping up the rapport.

2. You’ll know what your students are facing:

Every school has major incidents, and chances are they erupt on social media. School is in session for less than eight hours a day, and students are active on social media at all times. When teachers are involved on social media, however, they more connected to the school community. They can understand the issues children deal with and also can intervene if needed. 

3. You’ll build digital citizens:

If the teachers don't show students how to use social media, who will? Digital citizenship is one of the most important skills for 21st-century learners to be aware of, though the society takes it for granted. There are so many things a teacher an teach the students about how to be a good digital citizens. 

For better and for worse, most students are self-taught when it comes to technology. They learn by watching their peers, social media influencers, and whoever else popular culture throws at them.

4. You’ll experience technology as a multiplier:

Multiplier means you’ll vastly broaden the visibility, reach, and impact of what happens in your classroom. It will also broadened your willingness to try to new technologies that you may otherwise have been afraid to use.

Social media is an easy way to incorporate technology into your classroom. It’s free, it's a great way to meet students and parents where they already are, and it gives kids a better understanding of the interconnected nature of our 21st-century world. There's no right way to use social media in the classroom, and odds are you'll find unique benefits. Create an account, test it out, and let it start helping you maximize your impact.