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June 22, 2018 Friday 03:29:11 PM IST
Why Should Schools Have First Aid Rooms?

Schools must have facilities to allow provision of basic first aid care as well as first aid treatment such as minor cuts, scratches, bruising and for bodily injury.

The minimum requirements for a first aid room are:

*It should have facilities to provide precautions against infection.

*It should be able to provide reassurance and comfort, with a safe level of privacy; dignity; comfort and independence.

*It should have sufficient supporting staffs, reach out programmes to volunteer health, safety and welfare of the kids and their family.

*It should have facilities for record keeping in accordance with privacy and confidentiality

*It should have all the basic medicines

*It should have access to all the major hospitals nearby.

*It should be periodically supervised by a Medical Professional.

(Indebted to various sources)