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June 19, 2020 Friday 04:35:17 PM IST

Why Customers Are Willing to Give Generous Tips in Restaurants?

Image by Varden Saven

The experience of being looked after and engaging with people who are polite are the reasons why customers are generous in giving tips to waitstaff in restaurants, according to a study done by Maros Servatka of the Macquarie Business School. Even though people are aware that waitstaff are motivated by self-interest in giving good service, they are still inclined to give a generous tip. What the customers are bothered is whether the waitsaff are kind to them regardless of whether or not it is obviously in pursuit of a tip. The research study began with an initial assumption that reciprocal generosity diminishes if acts of kindness are self-serving to be incorrect. There are people or companies which perform kind acts because being seen to be kind has a potential benefit. People pretend to be kind, but ultimately they need not worry about the intentions behind their own generosity as they are likely to be rewarded by receipients in the same way, Prof Servatka said. The public tend to evaluate the positive impact on the environment or society as a whole rather than any cynical motivation behind the actions when it comes to CSR projects, he added. The consumers might know that the corporate behaviour is strategic but they weightage to the firm not destroying the environment or donating to charity.