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September 10, 2018 Monday 05:09:10 PM IST

What do the captive flamingos do in the night?

Teacher Insights

Have you ever thought: What captive flamingos do at night, when their zoo or wildlife park is closed?  Did you think: Without the threat of predators and with food provided, they just stood on one leg, snoozing?

Researchers of University of Exeter, who studied the nocturnal behavior of captive flamingos using remote trail cameras, have shown that they do more foraging and roam more widely in their enclosure at night than in the day.

"Wild flamingos are more active at night, and we were surprised to find the same is true in captivity. "It seems they have an in-built behavior pattern to keep active.”, said Dr Paul Rose, of the University of Exeter.

Birds congregated in fewer areas of their habitat during the later morning and middle of the day - preferring to be in one specific place for resting and preening. Some behaviors, such as courtship displays, were most commonly performed during the day.