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April 18, 2020 Saturday 09:50:31 AM IST

What Causes More Deaths Globally Than Covid-19?

Photo by Free-Photos for Pixabay

As people keep a check on the thousands of people who have died due to Coronavirus across the world, they might think that epidemics are the major causes of increase in mortality rates world-wide.
Dr Juliana Chen, Dietician and nutritionist at Macquarie University Hospital Clinic begs to differ. She says research has shown that poor diets account for one in every five deaths worldwide. This is much higher than COVID mortality rates. 
Eating healthy has become more important than before. She says the lockdown situation and home confinement puts people more at risk of engaging in overeating, boredom or comfort eating and drinking, choosing poor quality foods and snacks, and not doing enough physical activity-all of which can negatively impact our physical and mental health and lead to weight gain."
Depressive symptoms can be prevented by sticking to a high-quality diet that follows Mediterranean dietary principles with plenty of vegetables and fish. On the other hand, consuming excessive quantities of red or processed meats, sweets and refined grains, high fat dairy and low intake of fruits and vegetables will cause depression. 
"What we feed our bodies also then feeds our brains and minds," according to Chen. 
It is important to maintain regular routines for food to avoid unnecessary intake of biscuits, chips and chocolates. Sufficient rest, exercise and maintaining work life balance is important even in Corona times. Water is important for hydrating the body and upto three litres have to be consumed daily. Alcohol consumption can go up during the times and it is important to focus on meditation. Yes, keep alcohol away from the house, she says.
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