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May 05, 2021 Wednesday 04:46:02 PM IST

West Bengal Scholarship 2021

Education Information

The West Bengal Scholarship is for students living in the West Bengal state at the school and college level. Driven by the West Bengal government and its affiliates, West Bengal academics aim to support decent, competent, and underprivileged students of the state. In addition, the state is also proud of various institutions of higher learning such as the Indian Institute of Management (Kolkata), the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur), the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Kolkata), and the National Institute of Technology (Durgapur) which makes education for West Bengal students easier and less problematic.

List of Scholarships:

1. Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Minorities

2. Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship

3. West Bengal Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC

4. West Bengal Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC ST Students

5. Hindi Scholarship Scheme, West Bengal State Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Biotechnology

West Bengal Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC

Operating under the Department of Social Work for Backward Classes, this West Bengal student scholarship operates with the aim of providing financial assistance to SC / ST / OBC students studying post-matric or post-secondary level to complete their education. Students from 11th, 12th, graduation, and graduation classes are eligible for this course. The amount of scholarships you can receive under this scheme may range from INR 160 to INR 1200.

Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Minorities, West Bengal State Government

This is one of the most popular scholarships based on the West Bengal students that covers your studies from 11th grade onwards. Applicable only to a few backward classes students, the program offers up to INR 8000 per month funding depending on the course or level of study you follow. This scholarship is offered to students who look after their study needs and financial needs.

Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship, West Bengal State Government

These scholarships are designed only for female students who have passed grade 12 on any board and are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Basic Science / Medicine / Engineering at any West Bengal institution. The aim of the program is to promote girls' higher education and to conserve their scientific talent. Girl students living in West Bengal are eligible to apply for this course. Selected students will receive an amount of INR 3000 per month. In addition, the bursary also contains the INR 2000 annual book grant.

West Bengal Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC ST Students

Launched by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, the Indian Government and headed by the Department of Classroom Welfare, West Bengal State Government, this is a highly funded Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC and ST students in the 9th and 10th grades. The scholarship offers a variety of financial assistance from INR 150 per month to INR 750 per month. Also, selected experts receive an additional ad-hoc grant of up to INR 1000 per year.

Hindi Scholarship Scheme, West Bengal

To encourage and promote the study of the Hindi language in a non-Hindi-speaking region such as West Bengal, this scholarship provides support to undergraduate, undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs (M.Phil., Ph. D., or M Lit. etc.) as financial aid. Students who have passed madhyamik, secondary school, graduation, post-graduate, or another similar degree may apply for this course to stand a chance to win various prizes from INR 300 per month to INR 1000 per month.

Key eligibility Criteria:

1. West Bengal Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC - You must have West Bengal residence proof and belong to the SC / ST / OBC category. You should be studying in Class 11, 12, Graduation or Post Graduation. Annual Family income for SC / ST students should not exceed INR 2 Lakh to INR 2.5 Lakh. Annual Family income for OBC students should not exceed INR 1 Lakh.

2. Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship, West Bengal. You must be a female student with residence proof in West Bengal. You should have passed grade 12 on any board and should have studied Engineering, Medicine or Basic Science at a prestigious institution in West Bengal.

3. Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Minorities, West Bengal. Must be a West Bengal resident. If you are studying for a second degree or diploma, you should have obtained at least 75% marks in 10th grade. If you are studying at an undergraduate level, you should have obtained at least 75% marks in 12th grade. If you study at the PG level, you should have obtained at least 53% marks in graduation (general education) or 55% marks (in the case of engineering) Your family's annual family income should not exceed INR 2.5 Lakh.

4. West Bengal Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC ST Students. Having a West Bengal domicile is mandatory. You must belong to the SC or ST category. You should currently be a class 9 or 10 students. Family income should not exceed INR 2 Lakh per annum from all sources.

5. Hindi Scholarship Scheme, West Bengal. You must belong to a non-Hindi communicating state. You must be a West Bengal citizen. You should have passed madhyamik, high school, degree, PG, or another course of equivalent degrees. You must obtain at least 60% marks in the previous qualifying exam in the first attempt in Hindi as one of the subjects.

Once you have clarified the eligibility criteria, you can proceed further to apply for the appropriate scholarship. After all, every scholarship has its own unique application process. While some students invite offline applications by mail or by hand, many program providers are already using an online approach to applying. In fact, the West Bengal Government is also using its own alternative learning site called the OASIS Scholarship Portal for student convenience.


• How do I apply for West Bengal Pre Matric and Post Matric Scholarship 2021? Detailed steps to apply online in the same way mentioned above, you can view the same from above.

• Can I edit the West Bengal Scholarship Application Form after the final submission? No, you can't edit the settings after the final submit.

• What is the Last Day to Apply for the West Bengal Scholarship 2021 Scheme? The West Bengal Board will soon issue the final online application for Scholarship Scheme 2021.

• Is it necessary to submit a copy of the Application Form to the Institute? Yes, it is.

• Can candidates from the other states apply for the West Bengal Scholarship? No, they do not deserve the same.

• What is the West Bengal Scholarship Selection Applications Process? All eligible students should have obtained the Minimum Qualifying Marks as stated in the Scholarship Scheme, they will be offered to students as prescribed in this program.

• What should be the family's annual income to apply for the West Bengal Scholarship Scheme? Scholarships are paid to students' parent/guardian income from all sources not exceeding Rs. 2.50 lakh per year.
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