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February 11, 2020 Tuesday 01:54:21 PM IST

Water Bell for Health

Best Practices

School bells normally signal the beginning or end of a class session. Now schools in Kerala have started ringing Water Bell to inform students that it is time to drink water. It is rung at 11.15 am and 2.45 PM every day. Although children bring water bottles to school they seldom drink water. This causes dehydration and urinary tract infections, especially among girls.  Most often girls don't drink sufficient water to avoid going to the toilet, according to Sheeba PD, Headmistress of Chelakarayil St Joseph UP School in Thrissur. Many schools have started implementing the 'Water Bell'system for the health and well-being of children. SR Ushadevi, Headmistress of Changa Govt LP School in Thiruvananthapuram said that they had implemented the system after repeated complaints from parents that their children are not drinking sufficient water. The Parent Teachers Associations have taken the lead in introducing the 'Water Bell' system in government and aided schools and it is being emulated by schools in other states too. Most schools have also started providing safe boiled drinking water for students free of cost.