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February 27, 2020 Thursday 01:03:37 PM IST

Warwick Monash Alliance enters rolling agreement

Education Information

The Monash Warwick Alliance is entering a bold new era, as the two universities sign a rolling agreement with no end date, enabling more deeply embedded collaboration and wider transnational opportunities for students and staff. The Alliance will jointly invest in several major challenge-led initiatives which have the potential to produce truly transformational research.

The two universities are identifying fields of research which are of strategic importance to both, uniting complementary expertise to achieve vital breakthroughs. The Alliance is confident that organisations, both within and external to the HE sector, will join the effort to tackle these global challenges and make a real difference. The first two research areas will be Antimicrobial Resistance and Particle Physics.

Established in 2012 by the University of Warwick (UK) and Monash University (Australia), two research-intensive institutions of a similar age and global reputation, the Alliance goes far beyond standard collaborative agreements in the sector, because it is fully integrated into every layer of university life.

From co-published interdisciplinary research, to joint innovations in teaching and learning, vastly increased international mobility for members of the Alliance community, and shared practice throughout professional services, the Alliance has been co-developed from its inception by colleagues on both Universities, combining the different complementary strengths of each institution.

This new bold era for the Monash Warwick Alliance, beginning February 2020, will see the two Institutions going from signing a new agreement every five years, to a permanent collaboration – cementing the Alliance’s successes so far, and allowing for more enduring shared plans and investments around research and education.

The Alliance has won several awards, such as the Australian Financial Review ‘Higher Education Award for International Education’, and the ‘Excellence in Innovation in Partnership and International Engagement’ prize at the Victorian International Education Awards in Melbourne, Australia.

Some highlights of what the Alliance has so far achieved include:

Over 100 collaborative research projects involving more than 600 academics

Over 500 co-published journal papers — focusing on issues from improving women’s rights in war zones and making big business more environmentally friendly, to eliminating drug-resistant superbugs and 3D-printing human tissue

Over 1000 student mobility exchanges have taken place between the two Universities

Jointly appointed Monash Warwick Alliance Professors – uniting shared expertise in wide-ranging fields, including antimicrobial resistance, nanotechnology, energy, and healthcare improvement

 Joint PhD students working in disciplines such as medicine, arts, engineering, and social sciences; and a Double Masters in Journalism, Politics & International Studies

The annual (and award-winning) International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), led by Warwick and Monash, has enabled over 1,700 undergraduate students to share and discuss their research with peers, in real time via video link, across the globe

'Reinvention', a peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate research, has been established - currently at 29 online issues

Attracting significant external co-funding

(Content and Image Courtesy: https://warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/uk-australia_education_and)