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February 13, 2019 Wednesday 01:31:25 PM IST
Waking Up Early No Guarantee for Success

Is there any reason to believe that early risers succeed in life better than the lazy ones? No, on the contrary those who hit the snooze button on hearing the alarm may turn out to be more intelligent as well.

A research conducted by Satoshi Kanazawa of London School of Economics and Political Science and Kaja Perina in 2009 showed that those who followed their circadian rhythms, a daily sleep-wake-up cycle may turn out to be more adapted to changing evolutionary trends. In 1998, the University of Southampton had conducted a study in Britain to find out the co-relation between sleeping patterns and socio-economic status. The analysis of 1,229 people showed that early risers had no specific advantage in terms of income or health compared to late risers. On the contrary, the owls who slept late at night and woke late were wealthier on a number of parameters.

Children have been taught the Benjamin Franklin principle that going to bed early and waking up early to succeed in life. Now scientific evidence shows that those following the circadian rhythms of the body and not the rules imposed on them may turn out to be more creative and ambitious in life.

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