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May 05, 2021 Wednesday 12:40:47 PM IST

Vitamin C Protects Offspring’s Brain

Parent Interventions

A study done on rats suffering from chronic fetal hypoxianhas shown that Vitamin C given at pregnancy can protect the future brain health of the offspring. Chronic fetal hypoxia is caused by low oxygen in the womb and a common complication in human pregnancy. It is diagnosed by ultrasound scan which can reveal the growth of fetus. Fetal hypoxia is also caused by pre-eclampsia, infection of the placenta, gestational diabetes or maternal obesity. It leads to a reduced density of blood vessels, and a reduced number of nerve cells and their connections in parts of the offspring’s brain. Rats born from hypoxic pregnancies took longer to perform the memory task and didn’t remember things as well. Administering Vitamin C to hypoxic rats helped protect the future brain health of the off spring. Vitamin C is an anti oxidant too.