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April 02, 2018 Monday 02:40:55 PM IST

Vacation Home Works!

Teacher Insights

Summer vacation is at the doors. Before the children scream out wild, it is time for some last minute assignments. This time, the works should be "out of the syllabus".

1. Role Model from your family:

Ask the child to pick somebody from his family as his role model and to state reasons for it.

2. A piece of news that inspired you:

Ask the child to write a small note on that particular piece of news that inspired him.

3. The best food you took and its recipe:

Ask the child to write about the tastiest food he took during the vacation and to write about  how to prepare it.

4. New games that you learned:

Encourage the child to learn at least one new game during the holidays.

5. One new friend you have made during the tenure:

Motivate the student to make at least one new friend during the vacation and to write about that new friend.

6. One extra skill you learned:

Ask the student to learn something new during the summer holidays. It can vary from learning to tie the shoe lace properly to learn to ride bicycle to learn to use a tablet.

7. Be an assistant to somebody for a day:

Encourage the student to be an assistant to somebody for a day. Could be for his mother, father, grandparents, uncle aunt, neighbour, domestic help, anybody. Just let the child observe what all they do.

8. Teaching somebody something you know:

Telling a story,  sharing a piece of knowledge learned from school, teaching grandparents how to make a video calls, anything can come under this piece of writing.

9. Analysis of a book you read:

Encourage them to read at least one book during the vacation and to write about it.

10. Your qualities and drawbacks:

This can help the child to know himself/herself better.