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May 21, 2018 Monday 02:44:05 PM IST

University of Mysore Makes Admission Process Easy for Foreign Students

Policy Indications

Mysuru: The University of Mysore has decided not to conduct an entrance exam for foreign students with a foreign degree or foreign student with Indian degree. This new policy is taken to make visa process easy for foreign students. 

The University of Mysore International Centre targeting 1,300 foreign students this academic year and 3,000 students by 2020. Once the foreign students have provided the eligibility certificate and checking their marks, the university will give them provisional admission. With it, foreign students can apply for visas and get admitted to their respective courses.

After Pune University, the University of Mysore ranks second in number of foreign students in India. Since 2014-15, due to visa issues the number of admissions came down. At present, there are 765 foreign students from 55 countries in the university.

The majority of students are from Afghanistan and Africa. Most foreign students prefer to study in India due to quality education at reasonable cost, manageable cost of living and conducive academic environment.

GR Janardhana, director, international centre, said: “We want to attract more foreign students and therefore decided not to conduct entrance test for foreign students. We keep a tab on foreign students’ behaviour on and off the campus. Not only is security of foreign students important but also their behaviour with the public.”

The University of Mysore is a public state university in Mysore, Karnataka, India. The university encompasses 122 affiliated colleges and five constituent colleges.

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