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October 11, 2019 Friday 03:24:13 PM IST

UGC guidelines on plastic use

National Edu News

UGC has issued guidelines on use of plastic material in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Accordingly, excess-consumption of plastic combined with limited waste disposal systems has become a challenge to the urban waste disposal systems. Calling for a systematic campaign, UGC  has urged all universities and colleges to adopt policies and practices towards cleaner and plastic free campuses.  All the HEIs in the country shall strive to make their campuses 'plastic-free' by systematically banning use of plastics and replacing the same with suitable environmental friendly substitutes. Every HEI shall ban use of single-use plastics in canteens, shopping complexes in the institution’s premises and hostels, etc. They should carry out awareness drives and sensitization workshops on the harmful impacts of single use plastics. The HEIs have been urged to install necessary alternative facilities such as water units to avoid the use of plastic water bottles, and encourage use of alternative solutions like cloth bags and paper bags on campuses.