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March 02, 2018 Friday 04:40:39 PM IST
To certain degree, anxiety boosts memory

2nd March, 2018: A University of Waterloo study indicates that manageable levels of anxiety actually aided people in being able to recall the details of events. However, when levels got too high or descended into fear, memory of people get colored and they begin to associate their experiences to negative contexts. The results to this effect are published recently in the journal Brain Sciences.

"To some degree, there is an optimal level of anxiety that is going to benefit your memory, but we know from other research that high levels of anxiety can cause people to reach a tipping point, which impacts their memories and performance, " suggest the study.

That anxiety can color your experience, underscores the importance of being aware of the biases you might bring to the discussion table. It affects your world-view and controls our view points.

For educators, it is important to be aware of the individual factors, which influence the retention of the materials they teach. This would mean that lightening of the mood during teaching process could be beneficial for the retention of the learners.