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June 24, 2019 Monday 08:34:59 AM IST

Time to Apply for NIPHM PG Diploma in Plant Health Management

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The National Institute of Plant Health Management has invited applications for its PG Diploma and Diplpma courses in Plant Health Management. The PG Diploma is of one-year duration while diploma is of six months duration. 
The one-year programme is divided in to two semesters. The features of the programme are: 
1. Participatory learning in classroom and laboratory. 
2. Field visits for enhancing observational skills.
3. Agro-ecosystem based analysis through Farmers Field Schools (FFS) 
4. Specialization in one of the following selected areas: 
a. Biocontrol Input Production Management  b. Biosecurity Incursion Management c. Pesticide Management d. Vertebrate and Structural Pest Management e. Plant Health Engineering

Eligibility: A person possessing either of the educational qualification of B.Sc. (Agri. or Hort.)/ B.Sc. in Agri. & Rural Dev. / B.Tech. (Agri. Engg.)/ M.Sc. in Life Sciences. 
Fee: The unemployed candidates have to pay Rs. 62,500/- as course fee in four instalments and boarding charges as per the prevailing rates of catering service. They shall also be provided free accommodation in NIPHM hostel/quarters. For the employees of private organization, the course is offered on full payment basis i.e. Rs.2,00,000/-. 
 1. Unemployed students will be paid stipend up to Rs.20000/- (@ Rs.2000 per month for 10 months). 2. Students will be provided opportunity for working under Earn While you Learn (EWL) programme (@60/- per hour). 3. Scholarship is provided to a maximum of 10 students at the rate of Rs.10, 000/- per student. 5 scholarships for the students securing 80% in their graduation, 2 scholarships for children of poor farmers based on economic criteria, 3 scholarships for weaker sections SC-2 & ST-1. 
The institute also offers Diploma in PHM. Eligibility: Graduates in Agriculture/ Horticulture/ Life sciences/ B.Sc. in Agri. & Rural Dev/ B.Tech. (Agri.Engg.). 
Last date of application: 8th July, 2019.  Filled in applications can be sent to or by post to the Registrar, NIPHM, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500030 .

For details and application form log on to