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July 01, 2020 Wednesday 06:36:03 PM IST

The University of Glasgow gets a £1m award from the Wolfson Foundation

International Edu News

The University of Glasgow is to benefit from a £1m award from the Wolfson Foundation for its work on Quantum and Nanotechnology which will be a key focus of its new Research Hub in the Western campus. The £113m Research Hub, currently under construction as part of the University’s £1bn campus development programme, will provide a cutting-edge environment where the Quantum Research team can interact, co-creating the next generation of imaging systems which will have the ability to transform security, healthcare and transportation. The Wolfson Foundation is an independent grant-making charity which has the fundamental aim of improving the civic health of society, mainly through education and research.

A research team of eight academics and more than 60 researchers will:

• Combine and exploit new techniques to create a step change in deep body and brain imaging;

• Develop the quantum technologies needed to make new forms of imaging that cannot be achieved classically;

• Use quantum technologies to answer fundamental questions about quantum behaviour itself.

(Content and Image Courtesy: https://www.gla.ac.uk/news/headline_728620_en.html)