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February 24, 2020 Monday 12:58:48 PM IST

Teacher’s role paramount in shaping the life of a student- VP

Teacher Insights

The Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu said that education should focus on the overall development of the students by imparting morals, ethics and age-old civilizational values of the country. A teacher has a prominent role after parents in shaping the life of a student. Inaugurating the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Andhra Vidyabhi Vardhani (AVV) Educational Institutions, in Warangal on Sunday, the Vice President also emphasized the need to promote the use of Indian languages in the administration. This will not only bring the administration closer to the people but also help in the preservation of our rich linguistic heritage, he said. 

Emphasizing the need to end every kind of social discrimination, the Vice President called for a mindset change in society. He said that the children should be taught to be respectful towards girls and women from an early age. Highlighting that Indian culture shows great respect for women, the Vice President said that it was evident from the fact that all rivers in the country are named after women.

He exhorted the youth to develop 4Cs – Character, Capacity, Conduct and Caliber, and asked them to be hardworking and disciplined to achieve success in life. Shri Naidu also advised them to shun sedentary lifestyle and keep physically fit.